Maia Learning: College and Career Planning System

  • Maia Learning is a required online college and career planning resource for all PPS high school students. Both parents and students especially Junior and Senior families are encouraged to visit Maia Learning frequently.

    Maia Learning will be used for the following:

    To assist in the search for colleges, with the ability to:

    • look up information about individual colleges
    • compare colleges
    • manage college choices

    To prepare college applications, including the ability to:

    • keep records of activities, grades, college interests, career interests
    • allow counselors to write recommendations (done online)
    • coordinate teacher recommendations (done online)
    • order transcripts and test scores (done online)

    To provide additional post-high school information, including:

    • financial aid options
    • scholarships
    • test preparation
    • college athletics
    • career options
    • military options

    To allow counselors to communicate with students.

    Go to the Maia Learning website at
    Log in with your google account.