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    Greetings readers,


    I am excited to welcome students back to the PHYSICAL library space this year!

    I teach all students every week. I see 1st – 5th for a 20 min. check out with their homeroom teacher present to assist in selecting books. I then see 1st – 5th for an additional 60min. block during which students are exposed to diverse literature, and guided in information literacy skills lessons, which include how to navigate current information technologies. Kinder classes also see me for an hour once a week, but their check out, storytime, and mini lessons are combined during that one block.

    Looking for more read-aloud opportunities? Go to the Storytime section of our Virtual Library to hear me read to you.
    Educate and empower yourself through reading. #BLM

    Thinking of all my students,
    Ms. Gapp



    Ms. Gapp

     Ms. Gapp, Peninsula's Teacher Librarian



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