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  • Winter Coaches/Parents Meeting

    Winter Sports Tryout Flyer


    Winter Sports


    Winter sports (including Boys & Girls Basketball, Unified Basketball*, Swim & Wrestling) will officially begin Monday, November 13th & registration is open!

    *Unified Basketball includes students with and without disabilities playing on the same team.  Everyone is welcome! 


    In order to participate, students must be registered on Roosevelt FamilyID and have a Physical Exam by a medical practitioner (valid for 2 years).  After completing, please upload your physical form to your FamilyID account or return it to the Roosevelt Athletic Office.


    Click here for a link to the English physical form.


    Click here for a link to the Spanish physical form.

    If you can't make it to your doctor, please call 503-988-3909 to make a NO COST appointment at the Student Health Center located at Roosevelt High School. 

    For information on sport-specific practices/tryouts, please reach out to the head coach.

    Contact info can be found here:  Head Coaches 2023-24



    World's Finest Chocolate


    The Athletic Department Fundraiser has started!!!  Find an athlete who participates in Fall Sports to purchase some chocolate.


    1.  Each athlete will only be given one box of chocolate at a time, and once they turn their money in from that box, they will be given another, with the goal of two boxes (min) per athlete.


    2.  The athlete who sells the most boxes of each team (Football, Volleyball, XC, Boys/Girls Soccer, Cheer, and Dance) will receive a pair of NIKE DUNKS.  The team who sells the most (average sales per team) will receive a pizza party.

    $1 Bar Variety Pack Flyer


    The Athletic Department wants to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the families who joined us at our Fall Parents/Coaches Meeting for Athletics.  Your presence and active participation made the event a tremendous success.  It's truly inspiring to see such a strong commitment from our families. Your involvement is a crucial part of creating a positive and supportive environment for our young athletes to thrive.  As we embark on this new season, we look forward to working closely with you to ensure the best possible journey for our student-athletes. Your dedication and support make a significant difference, and together, we can achieve remarkable results.  If you have any further questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Let's make this season memorable and successful for our athletes.  Thank you once again for your time, enthusiasm, and commitment.

    Below are the handouts that were given at the meeting:

    1. Fall Coaches/Parents Meeting 8/17/23

    2. Roosevelt Supporter Club

    3. Roosevelt Athletics Sponsorship Program

    4. Academic Requirements

    5. RHS Fall 2023 Varsity Schedule

    6. Coaches Contact List

    The KBPS sportscasting program provides students in Portland Public Schools the opportunity to broadcast PIL football and basketball games.  No previous broadcast experience is necessary.  Any Portland Public High School student is eligible.  
    PARTICIPATION REQUIREMENTS --   KBPS Sportscasting is open to all PPS High School students currently in good academic standing (2.0 GPA minimum.) Students who are interested must have written permission from a parent or guardian. Students must provide their own transportation to the game (broadcast locations vary by game, most broadcast games take place at PIL schools.) Students need to be present for the entire game (football games last about 2-3 hours, basketball games last about 2 hours - length of games can vary.) Students are recommended to bring their own water and snacks. Please email KBPS Instructor Jacob Patterson at jacpatterson@pps.net to get the current KBPS Sportscasting schedule and to sign up!

    Live broadcast of PIL basketball and football on A.M. 1450 radio

    Sports Flyer
    Unified basketball: students with and without disabilities playing together on the same team, supporting each other & creating community!

    Sign up on Family ID: Click here

    Academic Eligibility

    Academic requirements are as follows and students who fail to meet any of these requirements are not eligible to participate in sports. 1) student must have passed five classes the previous semester; 2) student must be enrolled and be passing five classes in the current semester; 3) student must be making satisfactory progress toward graduation by earning the minimum number of credits: 4.5 credits by the start of 10th grade, 10 credits by the start of 11th grade, 17 credits by the start of 12th grade. In addition, students must have earned the following GPA the previous quarter: 2.0 with no F's or 2.5 with one F. Students who do not meet this requirement may register and participate but will be placed on academic probation for the current quarter and must attend study sessions.


    Portland Public School Athletic Attendance Policy

    A student athlete must attend school for the entire day of that practice.

    A student athlete's absence from one or more classes in the days before the contest or practice must be excused. Attendance office must be notified prior to the absence.


    Roosevelt PIL Policy Reminders

    Click the link above for details on attending PIL Athletic Events. The link will provide you with important information about:

    • PIL No Large Bag Policy
    • Admission Costs
      • New! Athletic Season Passes!
    • Outside Food
    • No Re-Entry
    • Spectator Conduct

    Know before you go. We look forward to seeing you in the stands this year! 

    For information on sport-specific practices/tryouts, please reach out to the head coach.  Contact information can be found on the Head Coaches 2022-2023 tab of our athletics page.

    For specific questions, please reach out to:

    Athletic Director:  Willie Williams Email: wiwilliams@pps.net

    Athletic Secretary:  Jill White Email: jwhite@pps.net  cell: 503-227-0818

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Individual Sports: Schedules & Rosters

Individual Sports: Schedules & Rosters
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