• Testing and Results

    Students in Portland Public Schools participate in various assessment tests during the year.

    Statewide Assessments

    Throughout the state of Oregon, annual assessments (often referred to as CIM testing) are given to grades 3-8 and grade 10 to determine adequate yearly progress (AYP). Subjects include reading/literature, writing, science, and mathematics. View Cleveland's test results on the OR Department of Education AYP page. Where it says "District Selection", choose "Portland SD 1J" then scroll down to Cleveland.

    International Baccalaureate Testing

    CHS students enrolled in an upper-level International Baccalaureate classes who wish to get IB credit are externally assessed in May. See the section on the International Baccalaureate for more information.

    SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)

    The SAT is a nation-wide test which measures how well a student has learned the skills needed to succeed in college and is required for admission to most colleges and universities. For more information, please visit the CHS Counseling Department's College Planning page.

    ACT (American College Testing Program)

    The ACT is another test used to predict a student’s potential for success in their freshman year of college. Visit the CHS Counseling Department's College Planning page for more information.

    For more information, contact Cleveland's Testing Coordinator, Kristy Mize, at 503-916-5120 or kmize@pps.net.