Referral Process

  • Cleveland High School follows a Response-to-Intervention (RTI) model, which is a multi-tier approach to the early identification and support of students with learning and behavior needs.
    Every students receives Tier 1 or universal interventions in their classrooms with their teachers, both general education and special education. For targeted groups of students, they may receive additional interventions to provide them with support to find academic success.

    Cleveland's Student Intervention Team (SIT) consists of counselors, school psychologist, student success advocates and administrator. We work together to identify students who are struggling by looking at data of attendance, school performance, and behaviors. We also examine the progress of students who have experience a significant event which requires a team approach.

    The SIT may refer students to a Tier 3 meeting, which then involves the family, to discuss concerns and more intensive or specific interventions. Special education eligibility may be discussed at this meeting to determine appropriateness, however, this is not always the outcome.

    Under the following three circumstances, the student will be referred directly to the Tier 3 meeting to discuss special education evaluation planning: (1) staff can show that such interventions would not be enough to address the concerns (2) staff clearly suspect that a child has a disability and needs specially designed instruction as a result of the disability; or (3) the parents request and give written consent for an initial evaluation and the special education evaluation planning team has agreed to conduct an evaluation.