Degrees and Certifications:

  • Favorite school memory as a student: 

    Taking yearbook in high school just so I could photograph the golf team, which really meant I got to leave school early and often to drive a golf cart under the guise of acquiring pictures for the yearbook. 

    My “why” for being in public education: 

    I left private school for public school in 4th grade. I went from being shy, unengaged, uninterested, and uninspired, to being top of my class and building strong friendships with peers. It was the first time in my young life that I discovered what it felt like to be empowered and set in my convictions about what was going to be best for me.  

    What I do to unwind and recharge: 

    Music! All things music: concerts/festivals, listening to newly discovered artists through my headphones or blasting it from my car’s speakers. Reading about the origins of sound and how it shows up in cultures all around the world.

    Self Portrait: