CTE (Career and Technical Education)

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    Career and Technical Education offers high school students cutting-edge, relevant, rigorous classes that prepare them for post-secondary opportunities and high-wage, high-skill, high-demand jobs.

    A state-approved Career & Technical Education Program of Study is a series of courses/pathway that helps students develop the technical skills, academic knowledge and real-world experiences needed to prepare them for the high-skill, high-demand, high-wage careers of the 21st century and make informed choices about their post-secondary options.  These are our CTE Programs of Study at Cleveland.

    Culinary Arts:  Students will gain the technical skills needed in a hospitality/culinary career. Students learn food production along with inventory management and operations of a small food business, including: costing, pricing and marketing of the products that they produce. They also will learn about other Hospitality career options.  Courses are a full year and begin with Introduction to Culinary Arts and are followed by Advanced Culinary Arts, where they will explore international cuisines. More information and our contacts can be found here.

    Digital Media Allows students to creatively communicate ideas and information through the means of media, graphic design and art. Students will develop the technical and communication skills needed in the media and graphic design industry.  Foundations of Digital Media is the introductory course that offers a taste of photography, video production, audio, and media literacy.  In the Level 2 course students focus on two different mediums and further hone their skills.  In the Level 3-Capstone class, students are focused on employment or further education in digital media beyond high school.

    Mass Communications and Marketing:  Prepares students for post-secondary business programs and teaches students customer service, sales, advertising, finance, design, distribution, and social media promotion skills.  In addition to Foundations of Digital Media, the level 2 course is Digital Ad Campaigns, in which students learn how to create advertising content (video and print) for professional and school clients based on research and marketing study. Students are also eligible to take Newspaper Lab, which focuses on the production of the Clarion, the school newspaper’s print edition as well as the online edition https://clevelandclarion.com/?full-site.  Students put into practice a variety of skills: reporting, writing, editing, photography, and videography.

    Woodworking and Construction: Students learn about career opportunities in the construction industries. They will gain technical skills needed to succeed while gaining experience in working with industrial tools.  Taught by Brian Barnes, there are three different levels in this program of study. Introduction to Carpentry and Construction is followed by Advanced Carpentry and Construction, which is followed by Construction Technologies.