• Late registration for IB Exams is open until Friday, January 12th.

    Regular registration ended on October 23rd, 2023, but students can still complete a late registration.

    IB Exam LATE Registration Links 

    • Students must complete the Online Late Registration Form for the 2023-2024 IB Exams by midnight on Friday, January 12, 2024. PLEASE log into your student Gmail account when completing the form. 
    • Exam fees are $137/subject. Payment is due by Friday, January 12, 2024.
    • Students who register before November 3rd, 2023, should use this SchoolPay link. Please check the registration confirmation email you received to review the total number of exams prior to payment. 
    • If you register between November 3rd and January 12th, use this SchoolPay link. Please do not submit payment until you have completed registration and received confirmation. 
    • Financial support is available and should be noted on the registration form. 
    • Fees are waived for families qualified for free or reduced meals.  Apply on School Café.
    • The deadline for withdrawal with refund is Friday, January 12, 2024. Students accessing financial aid options or payment plans are responsible for fees if they withdraw after this deadline.
    • Preview the CHS May 2024 Exam Schedule.
    • Schedule a meeting with the IB Coordinator.


    IB Exam Registration Virtual Informational Meeting 

    Tuesday, September 26th, 2023 7:00 - 7:45 p.m. - Zoom Link

    This meeting is recommended for families who would like more information about:

    • eligibility for IB exam registration
    • 2023-24 assessment and registration
    • benefits of participation 

    Students participating in IB courses who participate in IB Exams can earn college credit and advanced placement after high school. Come and learn more about this opportunity from the IB Coordinator Jennifer Wiandt

    The  Presentation Slides  and Video Recording will be linked here after the meeting on September 26th.

    Please note: ODE announced a $20 subsidy on 9/27/23 to lower the cost of exam fees, bringing the total exam fee to $99/subject.


    Student Eligibility

    Juniors and seniors completing the curriculum for one or more IB courses are eligible to register for IB exams. Students must be enrolled in the second year of all IB Higher Level (HL) courses and most Standard Level (SL) courses to be eligible for registration. Students are eligible to register in the first year of the following SL courses: Environmental Systems and Societies SL, Mandarin Chinese SL, Math Applications SL, Psychology SL, Social and Cultural Anthropology SL, and World Religions SL. 
    IB Diploma candidates participate in exams in a total of 6 IB subjects over the two years of their study, including at least 3 subjects studied at Higher Level and 3 subjects studied at Standard Level.
    • Juniors "anticipating" earning an IB Diploma may register for 1 or 2 SL subjects, if eligible; 
    • Senior IB Diploma candidates will register for 4-6 subject exams, depending on their participation in junior year. 

    IB Course students, who are not pursuing the IB Diploma, may register for assessment in the second year of any IB courses they will complete, as well as in the first year of any of the one-year exceptions listed above. 

    If you have any questions about which exams you are eligible to register for, please contact your teacher and/or IB Coordinator Jennifer Wiandt at jwiandt2@pps.net prior to registering. 


    Other Resources  

    2024 Assessment

    College Policies

    Course Overviews and Sample Exams



    For more information, please contact Cleveland's IB Coordinator, Jennifer Wiandt Owens at jwiandt2@pps.net or 503-916-5120.