• IB Options

    Junior and Senior students at Cleveland have the opportunity to earn a full IB Diploma or earn an IB Certificate for assessment in one or more DP Courses upon completion of the following requirements. All Cleveland students may participate in any IB classes for which they meet prerequisites, with or without participation in formal IB assessment.

    To earn a "full" IB Diploma, students must:

    • complete and pass internal and external assessments in one course in each of five content areas of IB: Studies in English Langauge and Literature, Language Acquisition, Social Science, Experimental Science, Mathematics; and one elective course. IB elective options include Music, Theater, Visual Arts, a second social science, a second experimental science, or a third language acquisition course.
    • complete a seventh course, Theory of Knowledge, over two years. 
    • complete the Extended Essay, an individual research paper of 4000 words.  Students begin research in the junior year and complete this essay in first semester of senior year.
    • participate in and reflect on regular extracurricular C.A.S. activities including endeavors that are creative, active and of service to the community.  The objective is to meet seven learning outcomes that promote self-growth and community connection through real-world experiences that add balance and inspiration to student life. 


    To earn an IB certificate of scores in one or more subjects, students must:

    • complete and pass internal and external assessments in one or more DP Courses in the six content areas of IB: Studies in English Language and Literature, Language Acquisition, Societies and Individuals, Sciences, Mathematics, or The Arts.


    For additional information: 


    IB Diploma planning for sophomores:

    Students planning to complete an IB Diploma should create a 2-year plan for coursework.

    Interested in a student perspective on the IB Diploma option?

    • To IB or Not to IB:  Clarion article from 2018 CHS alum, IB Diploma graduate and former Clarion editor-in-chief, Kira Chan
    • Should you do full IB?:  2014 CHS alum and IB Diploma graduate Madeline Banks shares some advantages and disadvantages


    For more information, please contact Cleveland's IB Coordinator, Jennifer Wiandt, at jwiandt2@pps.net or 503-916-5120 

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