• Course Offerings:


    Introduction to Journalism: Course credit earned: Elective (1.0) May be taken only once for credit. No Prerequisite Grades 9-12 This year-long class prepares students to write for the Franklin Post, our school newspaper. The class will focus heavily on writing skills. Students will write regularly, learning to adjust their tone and style based on the topic, purpose, and intended audience of their writing. They will evaluate articles for structure, objectivity, and more. Students will read and create stories in the categories of news, feature, opinion, and sports. Students will also view and examine documentary films through a journalistic lens. The class explores journalistic ethics, media law, design, and interviewing to support students in preparing to be effective, responsible, and professional journalists.


    Advanced Journalism: Franklin Post: Course credit earned: Elective (1.0) May be taken more than once for credit. Prerequisite: Intro to Journalism or instructor consent Grades 10-12 This class serves as the staff for the Franklin High School student newspaper, The Franklin Post. Students will learn and practice journalistic writing and production skills as they produce a monthly newspaper. This student-run class functions like a newsroom, and students will also learn the leadership, business, legal and advertising aspects of running a newspaper. Professionalism will be an emphasis of the course, as students are expected to conduct themselves as professional journalists. Introduction to Journalism is highly recommended. Without pre-requisite a writing sample and consent of instructor are required.


    Yearbook - Digital Franklin: Course credit earned: Elective (1.0) May be taken more than once for credit. Prerequisite: Video Production 1, Digital Photography, Intro to Journalism, Yearbook or Teacher consent Grades 10-12 Members of this class plan and complete all duties pertaining to the publication of the Franklin High School Yearbook. Duties include designing layouts, taking photographs, marketing and writing copy for all of the events occurring at Franklin. Students also may be called upon to complete designs, posters, and videos that support programs and events at Franklin High School. Due to the nature of this course students will be expected to work outside of class time and to meet all scheduled deadlines. Professionalism will be an emphasis of the course.