• The Special Education Department  at Franklin offers a continuum of services and a range of classes to support the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) in core academic classes as well as to support general education classes. Franklin offers the full spectrum of Special Education services from self-contained classrooms to full inclusion in general education. Students’ schedules are arranged with their School Counselors and in conjunction with the students’ IEP Case Managers.

    Students in Special Education may earn a standard diploma, modified diploma or certificate of completion.  This decision must be made by the end of the sophomore year.  A student will be placed on a modified diploma track or certificate only if the IEP team and school administration agree and parental consent is given.

    ISC-Intensive Skills Center

    This self-contained community-based program concentrates on preparing students to meet the needs of independent community living, social and peer relations, familiarization with community resources, personal hygiene and health, daily living skills, recreational activities, work habits, and job preparation.

    ASC-Academic Skills Center:

    Students served in the Learning Center have special needs which affect their academic progress.  Students receive instruction in areas designated in their Individualized Education Plan (IEP) as well as support with their mainstream classes.

    Social and Communication Intensive Skill Focused Classes:

    Students with an IEP get direct instruction and support for communication, self-advocacy and executive functioning skills (organization, time management, future-thinking, and planning). Students also receive support for work completion and direct support for academic tasks. Placement in this class is based on SPED eligibility and IEP team feedback.

    Supports Provided

    • Speech/Language Pathologist
    • School Psychologist
    • Push In Support
    • Case Management
    • Adaptive PE
    • Transition Serviced

    The Adaptive PE teacher supports the general education teacher and SPED students in general education PE, so they are able to access PE activities with typical same-age peers. Students get support from our adaptive PE teacher for the equivalent of 1 year of required PE.

    • Transition Services