Franklin High School

at Marshall Campus
Home of the Quakers

3905 SE 91st AvenuePortland, OR 97266Ph 503-916-5140Fx 503-916-2694

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  • Franklin Administration:                                         



    • Student-faculty ratio: 20:1
    • Teachers holding a master’s degree or higher: 79%
    • Teachers who are “highly qualified” under the NCLB: 100%


    Franklin Facts:

    • Founded in 1915; built in 1917
    • 12 additional acres of campus were purchased by students in 1924


    Special Programs and Classes:

    • Law and public policy program
    • Advanced Scholar Program
    • World Language Institute
    • Chinese Flagship program
    • Ninth grade academies (English, Math, Science)
    • Advanced Placement (18 classes in 5 subjects)
    • Honors credit by arrangedment
    • Art and Performing Arts
    • Industrial Arts classes (welding and woods in freestanding shop)
    • Other electives include Culinary Arts, Medical Terminology and Psychology
    • PCC credits available for some classes




    Team Name:

    •  Quakers


    Feeder Schools:

     The schools listed below feed or may feed into Franklin.

    • Atkinson
    • Bridger
    • Creative Science
    • Creston
    • DaVinciGlencoe
    • Hosford
    • Lane
    • Lent
    • Marysville
    • Mt. Tabor
    • Richmond
    • Sunyside
    • Winterhaven



    Named for Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), printer, author, scientist, inventor, musician, revolutionary, Founding Father, ambassador.  "Genius without education is like silver in the mine." (Ben Franklin)