Franklin High School

at Marshall Campus
Home of the Quakers

3905 SE 91st AvenuePortland, OR 97266Ph 503-916-5140Fx 503-916-2694

Ph Fx

Ph Fx

Administrative Team

Vice Principal
Vice Principal
Business Manager
Athletic Director

Front Office Support Staff

Principal's Secretary/Sophomore Advisor
Vice Principal's Secretary
Alumni Room/Office Assistant
Vice Principal's Secretary
Data Clerk /Transcripts

Counseling Office

Counselor: A -- Da
Counselor: A -- Da
Counselor: De -- I
Counselor: J -- Ne
Counselor: So -- Z
School Psychologist
College and Career Center Coordinator
Counseling Secretary
Counseling Secretary

Media Center

Librarian/Media Specialist

Special Assignments

Activities Director
Athletic Secretary
Campus Monitor
Community Transition Program
Franklin Post Advisor
Head Cook - Nutrition Services
Head P.A.T. Rep
Instructional Specialist
Link Crew Coordinator
Mediation Advisor
School Resource Police Officer
Speech Language Pathologist
Speech Language Pathologist
Specialist - Student Support
Specialist - Student Support
SUN Community School- Site Manager
TAG Coordinator
Yearbook Advisor


Name Position Phone Email Web Page
Ambinder Harris English
Anderson, Jeffrey Art
Andrews, Kelly Mathematics
Appell, Marc Social Studies
Aronson, Scott English
Baber, Marla Mathematics
Barry, Elena World Language
Beeber, MaryJo Mathematics
Berning, Carrie Art
Biagini, Beth Science
Biamont, Tim Business
Bottman, Tereza ESL
Brachman, Srule Art
Butenhoff, Trevor Mathematics
Chong, Garrett Special Education
Cook, Clara Business
Denney, Kevin Mathematics
Draper, Rachel Social Studies
Ewing, Shauna Mathematics
Feuz, Lisa Physical Education/Health
Forsythe, Josh Drama
Frisina, Torey Social Studies
Gabriel, Leanne Health
Garcia, Greg Social Studies
Garrett, Pam English
Ghodsi, Leila Science
Gray, Rhonda Social Studies
Grobey, Tod World Language
Haight, Allison Special Education
Hall, Portia Social Studies
Higgins, Warren Science
Holte, Rick Physical Education/Science
Jamieson, Rob Mathematics
Jaynes, David Physical Education/Health
Johnson, Erika Mathematics
Kirsch, Elizabeth English
Mahurin, Michael Special Education
Manley, Matt Special Education
McCarthy, Nick Health
McCarthy, Tom Physical Education
McClendon, Bill Social Studies
McCracken-Ferro, Erin Science
McLeron, Mike Band/Choir
Meadows, Anne English
Miller, Dana World Language
Montano, Irene Social Studies/English
Moore, Darrell Physical Education
Moore, Kate Social Studies
Munoz, Mercedes Special Education
Olivera, Christine Science
O'Neill, Steve Culinary Arts
Ordaz, Maggie Mathematics
Ortega, Fanny English
Owens, Jason Music
Peng, Peter Mathematics
Perez, Javier Video Production
Perez, Marty World Language
Polis, Karen Social Studies
Reardon, Michael Mathematics/Science
Rowe, Joe Computer Science
Ryan, Myron Industrial Technology
Ryland, Justin Special Education
Sansom, Merritt Science
Scevola, Misty Science
Shelton, Sarah Special Education
Sherden, Dave Science
Silvernail, Daniel Industrial Technology
Slaughter, Amy English
Sletmoe, Gary English
Smith, Allison ESL
Souza, Adam Video Production/Yearbook
Spann, Desmond English
Steinmetz, Jennifer Special Education
Stewart. Matt Science
Stroup, David Science
Struble, Laura World Language
Surits, Zoya World Language
Thatcher, Brieana World Language
Tovar, Nayibe World Language
Trotter, Dave Mathematics
Vinger, Dana English
Wagner, Kim English
Wang, Mo World Language
Warfel, Sonia Dance
Wasserman, Debra Mathematics
Webster, Clark Health
Whisnand, Megan Science
Wildertack, Elle English
Wisher, Tracy World Language
Wolff-Myren, Desi AVID
Wong, Elisa English
York, Anna Special Education
Zimtbaum, Mark Social Studies