• Course Offerings:

    English 1-2

    English 3-4

    English 5-6: American Literature, Poetry and Prose

    English 5-6: American Studies - Sports, Culture and Media

    English 5-6/7-8: College Writing and Latin American Literature

    English 5-6/7-8: Medical Literacy and Composition

    English 7-8: Literature, Language and Writing for Personal Growth

    English 7-8: Medical Non-Fiction and Anatomy and Physiology

    English 7-8: World Literature and Film

    English 7-8: Science Fiction and Mythology

    AP English Literature and Composition (Internation Voices)

    AP English Language and Composition

    AP Language and Composition Support Lab

    English: Creative Writing Across the Genres


    Staff Includes:


    Harris Ambinder

    Scott Aronson

    Bryan Dykman

    Pam Garrett

    Emily Gromko

    Elizabeth Kirsch

    Anne Meadows

    Fanny Ortega

    Gary Sletmoe

    Jordan Souza

    Desmond Spann

    Dana Vinger

    Kim Wagner

    Elle Wilder-Tack

    Elisa Wong