Franklin’s Virtual Back to School

    Below is a checklist to help you navigate your own adventure




    Choose your virtual adventure: Follow your student’s schedule on ParentVUE (click here if needed) to paraticipate.


    To-Do List :

    Complete Activities 1-4

    Activity 1:  Principal's Welcome

    Activity 2:  Teachers - Course Links

    Activity 3:  Franklin Departments

    Activity 4:  Franklin Partners


    PPS Language :

    To receive language support on the videos in your own language use this link: Language Support

    • Ayuda con el idioma
      Siga estos pasos para activar la función de subtítulos en los videos.  

    • Hỗ trợ về ngôn ngữ

                  Xin vui lòng làm theo các bước sau để biết thêm chi tiết và Phụ đề trên video


      Below is an example of an Adventure:  



    Principal's  Welcome  

    Hear from the Principal and learn about this year.




    Teacher Name

    Class Name



    1st Period


    Geometry 10



    2nd Period


    Spanish 3-4



    3rd Period


    English 3-4



    4th Period


    Chemistry 1-2



    Franklin Departments


    Find out about Franklin’s Library





    Hear from our Counselor’s




    Social Worker

    Hear about helpful resources for your student.



    Franklin Partners

    Passion Impact

    Learn about Passion Impact




    SUN Program & Clubs

    See what SUN has to offer.