• Course Offerings:


    AVID 9-12: Course credit earned: Elective (1.0) May be taken more than once for credit. Prerequisite: Application and interview required Grades 9-12 AVID, or Advancement via Individual Determination, is a college-preparatory program designed for students who want to join a tight-knit community of students who plan on attending a four-year college after graduation. AVID students regularly attend college campus tours, participate in community-building activities, get support from college-age mentors, and receive instruction designed to improve their WICOR (Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading) skills. AVID is an elective class that students are expected to take for all four years of high school and requires students to demonstrate leadership, maintain a 2.5 grade point average, and actively participate in student-led tutorials and other AVID activities. Our program is looking for students who have big dreams and goals for their futures but recognize that they might need some support and guidance to get there. To apply, go here: https:// docs.google.com/forms/u/1/d/1-5G2ncPAl3Lb-fhofkw8- 3YI7i2wOOxPETt-VlL1sRQ/edit?usp=drive_web

    College and Career Exploration: (9th Grade Seminar) Course credit earned: Elective (1.0) Required course for all 9th grade students No Prerequisite Grade 9 9th Grade Seminar is a year-long course that acts as a bridge between middle school, high school, and the world after graduation. This course will equip students with the skills and experiences required for them to make a successful start at Franklin High School. Specifically, students will apply academic skills, use a variety of digital communication tools, and reflect on their strengths and interests. In addition, the course provides an opportunity for 9th grade students to be a part of a community that emphasizes positive peer relationships and feeling connected with their school. Students in 9th Grade Seminar will develop important social and emotional skills, including recognizing other perspectives, exploring identities, and engaging in issues around social justice, race, and equity. This course will also investigate the world after graduation. Students will explore college and career opportunities based on personal interests and goals, and will be exposed to elements of personal finance. By the end of the course, students will have a deeper understanding of their abilities, be better equipped to navigate high school and see a clear pathway toward their bright future.

    Introduction to Leadership: Course credit earned: Elective (1.0) No Prerequisite Grades 9-12 This year long course designed for students who want to develop their own personal leadership skills such as communication, organization, and group work. Students will play an active role in supporting Franklin’s ASB (Associated Student Body) by helping plan and implement activities and events for the student body. Students will actively practice leadership development strategies in class and help play an active role in improving the climate of our Franklin High School.

    Advanced ASB Leadership: Course credit earned: Elective (1.0) Prerequisite: Introduction to Leadership (ASB: Service) or be elected to an ASB Position. Freshman accepted through application process Grades 9-12 This is a year-long course designed to help students develop their leadership skills by practicing and applying the qualities of effective leadership within our school community. Students will take an active role in planning and implementing activities and events for the entire student body such as assemblies, dances, fundraisers, and service projects. Franklin’s school climate will help drive the direction of the class and active participation with enthusiasm as a requirement. Students will learn how to set and meet goals, how to communicate effectively, and how to critically self-evaluate their work in order to improve their leadership skills.  

    Library/Media Assistant: Course credit earned: Elective (0.5 or 1.0) May be taken more than once for credit. Prerequisite: Teacher consent and summer orientation required Grades 10-12 The Educational Media Library Program is designed to offer the student actual work experience. The student will become an integral part of the daily operations of the library and textbook room. The student will support and promote library events. They will learn procedures for processing books, how to assist staff and students, how to navigate the circulation system, our catalog, the FHS Toolbox, online databases, and Multnomah County Library online resources. The student will hone their own research skills and their own public relations skills by interacting with both students and teachers. They will practice Digital Citizenship and learn to use our current technology platforms to assist staff and students. Grade for this class is Pass/No Pass. If you are interested in taking the course for letter grade see Library Internship 1 & 2.

    Library Internship 1-2: Course credit earned: Elective (1.0) May be taken more than once for credit. Prerequisite: Teacher consent and summer orientation required Grades 11-12 In addition to completing on the job daily duties of a Library/Media Assistant that enable us to run the library (see Library/Media Assistant course description above), this year long course requires completion of college level assignments that demonstrate understanding of library programs and access services within a library—including circulation processes and procedures , academic freedom, copyright and confidentiality. Students will receive a letter grade.

    Teacher Assistant: Course credit earned: Elective (0.5 or 1.0) May be taken more than once for credit Teacher consent required Grades 10-12 There are opportunities for primarily juniors and seniors to work as teacher aides doing routine clerical assistance for a particular teacher on a regular basis. The student is expected to be regular in attendance and to be on task during the class period. Students seeking an opportunity to assist teachers with classrooms or laboratory instructions are typically required to have taken the course the previous year. This is a pass/no pass class.

    Office Assistant: Course credit earned: Elective (0.5 or 1.0) May be taken more than once for credit. Staff consent required Grades 10-12 Open to students who are qualified to assist secretaries with various office duties. Office Assistants are expected to be on time and work in a professional manner (do daily work without being asked, handle the counter and phones when needed). If the office is slow you will be expected (without asking) to bring class work to keep busy. If the above expectations are met and you do not exceed 7 absences per quarter, you will receive a PASS. If you exceed 7 absences, you will receive a NO PASS even if absences are excused.

    Climate Change, Climate Justice: Course credit earned: Elective (1.0) or (0.5 science recovery credit and 0.5 elective) May be taken only once for credit. No Prerequisite Grades 11-12 In this interdisciplinary elective course students will explore the topic of climate change and climate justice through both a science and social studies lens. Through a series of inquiry-based units, students will investigate climate science and engineering solutions as well as the disproportionate impact that climate change has on various frontline communities. They will synthesize this information to consider potential solutions to mitigate the climate crisis through a lens of climate justice. As a capstone project, students will apply what they’ve learned to a final inquiry project of their choosing and share their learning with the wider community. For the inaugural year, the course will be able to serve as either 1.0 elective credit or as a .5 science credit recovery course.

    Peer Mediation: (Restorative Practices Seminar) Course credit earned: Elective May be taken only once for credit. No Prerequisite Grades 11-12 Do you ever wonder whether the world can be free from conflict? Is that even a possibility? Well, the truth is, probably not. Conflict is a central part of our shared human experience. People often have their own views on things and this easily leads to disagreement. The FHS Restorative Practices Seminar elective is designed around the idea that conflict is something to be expected between people and groups of people. This course will prepare us with the mindsets, skills and perspectives to approach conflict in a restorative, healing way. This course provides an introduction to and exploration of the principles of restorative practices and their application to the treatment of human suffering. It will examine the values and assumptions of the restorative practices movement, including its alignment with racial equity, and will introduce students to some of the current applications at community, state and national levels. This class is designed to build skills in analysis, critical thinking, communication, perspective-taking, and implementation of restorative practices and principles. Instructor lecture, guest speakers, panels, videos, discussion, role play, case analyses and student presentations will be utilized.

    Mindfulness: Course credit earned: Fine Arts or Elective (1.0) May be taken more than once for credit. No Prerequisite Grades 10-12 What does it mean to be the master of your own mind? In this class you'll explore that question and learn tools you'll use the rest of your life. We'll learn mindfulness skills to work with stress and strong emotions like anger and anxiety. We'll learn to focus and recharge with meditation. We'll explore the limitations caused by societal norms and conditioning. We'll increase flexibility with mindful movement. We'll create a strong community of people who support each other. Research shows that mindfulness improves focus and supports academic and athletic success. Mindfulness builds self-awareness, kindness, and compassion. It strengthens relationships. It empowers us to begin the process of knowing who we really are.