• The Jefferson Dancers and our second company, the Jefferson Dancers II, do not send our dancers out on the streets to solicit funds for the company or dancer trip fees. We have received numerous notifications from individuals in the community regarding some boys on Mississippi asking for money who sometimes say they are from the Jefferson Dancers and other times from the Jefferson Dancers II and are raising funds for a trip to New York. These individuals are not in either performing company, participants in the Jefferson Dance program or even students at Jefferson High School. The Jefferson Dancers do have an annual spring trip where we perform and take classes and we do fundraise for that trip and for the company expenses. To contribute, please use the Donate button on our websites:

    The Jefferson Dancers: http://jeffersondancers.org/support 

    The Jefferson Dancers II: http://jd2.jeffersondancers.org/support

    Our parent group in the Jefferson High School PTSA provides the online donation service and you'll receive a receipt with the tax id number for the PTSA. All funds go directly to support the company. Email us at web@jeffersondancers.org with any additional questions. Thanks for your support of the Jefferson Dancers!