• Jefferson High School - Middle College for Advanced Studies- Dr. Algie Gatewood, President Portland Community College, Cascade Campus

    "One of the greatest benefits of the middle college program is belief. Many of our students simply didn't see college as an option. But once they realize it is within reach, they begin to believe that they belong there."

    - Dr. Algie Gatewood, President

    Portland Community College, Cascade Campus

    At Jefferson, students learn college-readiness skills, choose from such offerings as the Health Science/Biotechnology program (which includes upper-level math and science courses), Jefferson Dance Program and Digital Media/Video Production and activities from student government to sports.

    On the Jefferson Campus, students have opportunities to take dual-credit courses. These are classes taught by Jefferson teachers, in Jefferson classrooms, that meet the level required for college credit. Examples of dual-credit courses include: Junior English for 4 credits of Reading 115; Advanced Art for 3 credits of Art 115; Pre-Calculus for 4 credits in Math 95; and Advanced Dance with credits depending on years of experience at the advanced dance level.

    At Portland Community College Cascade Campus, students take PCC courses with PCC college students for college credit free of charge. Many students pursue coursework that prepares them for a four-year degree. Others seek job-related training in fields like Medical Assisting, Fire Protection, and Emergency Management Systems.

    Students who complete all of their high school diploma requirements and earn 12 ollege credits including one credit from an on campus PCC class are eligible to earn a Middle College Diploma honoring their dedication to full participation in Middle College. In addition, Middle College students have an opportunity to apply for tuition funding support from 6 Oregon Colleges and Universities to help continue with their studies after high school.


    "University of Oregon is pleased to extend to eligible Jefferson graduates full tuition scholarships to complete their bachelor's degrees with us. We are impressed by the middle college model and believe Jefferson will prepare students for college success."

    - Dr. Roger J. Thompson, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management
    University of Oregon