Attendance Procedures

  • To excuse your child's absence, please call 503-916-5180 and push option 2 for the attendance voicemail. Absences and Tardies may be excused in advance or within three days of a previous absence.

    If you are unable to access the line, please email:

    What counts as an absence?

    • Attendance Calculations Full Day Absence: missing 51% or more of the day
    • Half-Day Absence: missing 25% ‐ 50% of the day
    • Class Absence: missing more than 25% of the class period
    • Tardy: not present at the start of class and arriving prior to the completion of 25% of the class period

    What is a 10-Day Drop?

    • Your student will be dropped if they have missed 75% or more of 10 consecutive days.


    Questions about attendance or the need for additional support? Please contact our Student Success Advocate.

  • Attendance Policies:

    Tardies: The student is not present at the start of class and arrives within the first 25% of the class period. 

    LAT: The student arrives in class after the first 25% of class, this is still considered an unexcused absence unless verified differently by the school secretary. The student is required to get a pass from the front office to enter the classroom.

    Absent: If a student has a positive attendance prior to lunch, followed by an absence, this will be considered an infraction, unless parents have excused the absence on ParentVue, and or contacted the office to excuse the student's absence.

    Tier II: skipping/Irregular attendance:

    If a student has been marked for chronically skipping classes, a teacher will write a referral, which is submitted to the Dean of Students. The student may lose privileges for up to 14 days and/or be met with disciplinary action such as:

    • No access to school dances and extracurricular activities

    • Detention

    • In-school suspension/Out-of-school suspension

    • Parent and student conference/written plan of support

  • Attendance Policy: Athletics

    A Student Athlete must attend school for the entire day of that practice/game day.

    Day of:

    • 1 or more Unexcused classes:  LAT, CUT, or Absent - student will not be allowed to participate.

    • 2 or more excused classes - Students will not be allowed to participate and will be directed to the Athletic Director, Donnie Siel

    Prearranged Absences will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.


    • Jen Greensted

      Administrative Assistant


      503-916-5180 ext. 65183/71358