Attendance Procedures

  • To excuse your child's absence, please call 503-916-5180 and push option 2 for the attendance voicemail. Absences and Tardies may be excused in advance or within three days of a previous absence.

    If you are unable to access the line, please email:

    What counts as an absence?

    • Attendance Calculations Full Day Absence: missing 51% or more of the day
    • Half-Day Absence: missing 25% ‐ 50% of the day
    • Class Absence: missing more than 25% of the class period
    • Tardy: not present at the start of class and arriving prior to the completion of 25% of the class period

    What is a 10-Day Drop?

    • Your student will be dropped if they have missed 75% or more of 10 consecutive days.


    Questions about attendance or the need for additional support? Please contact our Student Success Advocate.

    • Jen Greensted

      Administrative Assistant


      503-916-5180 ext. 65183/71358


    Larry Warren

    Larry Warren, Jr.

    Student Success Advocate

    503-916-5180 ext. 71207