Health Science/Biotechnology Program

  • Program Overview

    The Health Sciences/Biotechnology Program (HS/BT) features a comprehensive academic offering in the core subjects of science, math, and career related education. The primary goal of this HS/BT Program is to prepare students for successful transition into post-secondary education, training, and future careers in the sciences, healthcare, or biotechnology.
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    What is Health Science?

    Health Science is a broad field that encompasses careers such as paramedic, physician, nurse, pharmacist, physician assistant, radiographer, phlebotomist, and researcher. 

     What is Biotechnology?

    Biotechnology is a rapidly emerging industry and a process that surrounds us every day, just as it did our ancestors. Biotechnology manipulates plant and animal cells and microbes to produce useful substances. Although the world "Biotechnology" is new, the process has an ancient history in the making of bread, beer, and wine and turning milk into cheese and yogurt. Through biotechnology, scientists are growing and nurturing living cells and developing life-saving medicines and food products that will enhance life in the 21st century.