• Beginning Theater 
    --Theater I (First Semester) covers creative and improvisational work, monologue, and scene memorization, with units in voice, dictation, and physical stage movement. Students critique performances and evaluate the literary worth of materials studied and performed.

    --Theater II (second semester) will deepen students’ understanding of theater as a literary medium and will focus on performance and directing as a demonstration of literary understanding.

    Prerequisite: None

    Intermediate Theater
    Students explore modern acting techniques and styles, including realism and movement for the theater, as well as historical and alternative styles of performance, including Shakespeare, Commedia d’ell Arte, and Epic Theatre. Students will explore scenes and monologs, design and composition elements, and devise theater.
    In this class, students will learn what goes into building a set and setting up the lighting for theatrical performances. This class is extremely hands-on and will be actively working with lighting and building equipment almost every single day.
    Theater Design
    In this class, students will be introduced to the world of theater from a behind-the-scenes perspective. Students will study and create designs in the areas of Costuming, Props, Sets, Sound, and Lighting. This class will get hands-on experience by supporting Drama Department productions in the areas of Costuming (including hair and makeup), Props, and Sound.
  • Dan Coffey

    Theater Teacher

    503-916-5180 ext. 78537


    Heidi Sprecher

    Stagecraft/Theater Design Teacher

    503-916-5180 ext. 71300