Course Offerings

  • Creative Writing
    Creative Writing is an opportunity for students to create original forms of descriptive writing, poetry, drama and fiction, as well as personal creative essays. Vocabulary development, creative writing techniques, and skills will be explored. Students will read examples of short fiction, flash fiction, poetry, and essays as they learn new writing techniques and cultivate their own voice. The end product will be a complete writing portfolio that includes multiple drafts of writing pieces to show student development. Students will also be encouraged and guided through the process of submitting work to online and print publications. Prerequisite: None
  • Ethnic Studies
    Ethnic Studies is the critical and interdisciplinary study of race, ethnicity, and indigenous identity with a focus on the experiences and perspectives of people of color in the United States. Using a combination of historical and contemporary literature, art, and media forms, students will analyze the ways in which race and racism have been, and continue to be, powerful social, cultural, and political forces. Students will analyze race and its role in other experiences of stratification, including gender, class, sexuality, and legal status. Students will apply a social justice lens to creating and analyzing contemporary media, including print, social media, animated GIFs and short videos. Prerequisite: None
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  • Journalism
    In journalism, students will report and research stories that affect, or are relevant to, the students of Jefferson High School to be published in the school newspaper, The Pace. These include school, local, national, and global events. Students will get an opportunity to learn how to write news articles, OpEds, reviews, and features, as well as develop reading, research, and interviewing skills. Independent work and close communication with the instructor and student editors are crucial, and a love or interest in writing is helpful. The class also provides opportunities to work with layout and editing software, and create podcasts, zines, comics, and other media types. Prerequisite: None
  • Mindfulness
    Students will address physical and mental strength habits while practicing Yoga and Mindfulness. Different types and styles of yoga will be utilized. Students will complete a research project on the benefits of mindfulness. This is designed as a one-semester course. Prerequisite: None
  • Student Leadership/Government
    This course is designed to introduce students to leadership by practicing and applying the qualities of effective leaders through lessons and projects. Projects will include, but not be limited to, school and extracurricular activities, assemblies, and service projects. Students will learn the various methods and techniques for planning, implementing, and evaluating projects related to school activities. Students will explore leadership qualities of self-awareness, goal setting, organization, time management, project planning, communication, public relations, meeting skills, group dynamics, responsible citizenship, evaluation and problem-solving. Students sometimes work beyond school hours. Prerequisite: None
  • Yearbook
    This class is designed for students who want in-depth experience in creating a yearbook. It is a rigorous course in which students have the privilege of writing a book, preparing a book for publication, and recording Jefferson's history. It is designed to provide students with the opportunity to work with advanced computer technology, strengthen their problem-solving skills, improve their communication skills and handle tremendous ethical responsibility. Students will practice the fundamentals of journalistic writing, photojournalism, graphic design and fund-raising. Students who take this course are expected to be passionate about the yearbook in order to endure all the hardships that a yearbook production entails. Students who take this class may be expected to cover activities outside of the school year. Prerequisite: None
  • Susan Elliot

    Journalism/Yearbook/Activities Teacher


    503-916-5180 ext. 71364


    Abby Hougham

    Leadership/Student Government Teacher


    503-916-5180 ext. 78530


    Mike Napoli

    Mindfulness Teacher


    503-916-5180 ext. 78546