• Senior Inquiry

  • Senior Inquiry brings PSU’s University Studies and its award-winning nationally-recognized interdisciplinary pedagogy to area high schools. The curriculum for Senior Inquiry is essentially PSU’s Freshman Inquiry program adapted for the high school context. Senior Inquiry currently serves approximately 510 students in 6 schools across 4 districts: Jefferson (PPS), Liberty (Hillsboro), Leodis V. McDaniel (PPS), Reynolds (Reynolds), Roosevelt (PPS), Westview (Beaverton). Each Senior Inquiry course is collaboratively taught by 2 high school faculty and 1 PSU instructor. A primary mission of Senior Inquiry is to create bridging experiences that prepare students, particularly first-generation college students, for university success.  

    Senior Inquiry emphasizes acculturation to the college experience and demystifying the institution for students, in addition to offering the opportunity to earn 15 college credits. An important element of the program that sets it apart from other dual credit programs is the collaboration between high school and university faculty. To foster multi-level collaborations, all SrInq staff gather for quarterly in-service trainings conducted by the program coordinator during which teachers on both levels push forward best practices that elevate their teaching beyond the program at both institutions. (from PSU Senior Inquiry website)

  •  Zoe Gould

    Senior Inquiry/ ELA Teacher


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    Eliana Machuca

    Eliana Machuca

    Senior Inquiry/ SS Teacher


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    CJ Robbins

    Portland State University Professor



    Wendy Shelton

    Senior Inquiry/ SS Teacher


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    Nyki Tews

    Senior Inquiry/ ELA Teacher


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    Rakeem Washington

    Portland State University Professor