School Facts

  • Jefferson High School
    Middle College for Advanced Studies

    5210 N Kerby
    Portland, OR 97217

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    Phone: 503-916-5180
    Fax: 503-916-2698
    Grade levels: 9-12
    Principal: Ricky Allen

    The mission of Jefferson High School is to create a collaborative and inclusive education environment that actively promotes respect fo diversity and requires cooperative and individual learning. Students of Jefferson will be well prepared to meet challenges, set and attain goals, contribute to their communities and continue the process of learning and developing throughout their lives.

    Jefferson High School is a city-wide focus high school offering core and college skills preparation courses as wells as sports and activities to students who also take courses at Portland Community College, free of charge. Students earn up to a year or more of college credit, fully transferrable to other colleges and universities, while earning their high school diploma. The nonprofit youth development organization Self Enhancement Inc. offers intensive interventions for students, including school based advocacy, summer and after school programs, family engagement and other social supports, to ensure students' success.

    Getting into Jefferson

    • Jefferson is a focus high school open both to neighborhood students and, through the school choice lottery, students from outside the neighborhood.
    • Prospective freshmen who live in the Jefferson attendance boundary can choose to attend Jefferson or their assigned comprehensive high school, determined by address. (Go to, click on Find Your School). Students formalize their choice by filling out a form with their current school counselor.
    • Students who live outside the attendance area can apply to Jefferson during the February transfer cycle by downloading a transfer application and checklist at
    • If you have questions about accessing Jefferson, please call the PPS Enrollment & Transfer Center at 503-916-3205 or the school at 503-916-5180.

    Before and after school programs

    • Performing arts: dance, gospel choir, studio production, cheerleading, athletics, tutoring, Sun School program, Drumline, theatre, mock trials competition.
    • Self Enhancement Inc. mentors and offers social supports to every Jefferson student. (more information about SEI available at
  • Community partnerships

    • Health Sciences/Biotechnology Program Partnerships: Oregon Health Sciences University, Legacy Emanuel Hospital and Health Center, American Red Cross, Oregon Biotechnology Association, Friends of Jefferson High School (grounds), Coalition of Black Men, Self Enhancement Incorporated, Portland Community College, Portland State University, Lewis & Clarke College, Writers in the Schools, Urban League of Portland, Teen Health Clinic, Multnomah Education Service District, City of Portland and Trimet.


    Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA)

    Site Council


    •  This committee is responsible for school improvement.


    Special programs and features

    • The Health Sciences/Biotechnology Program supports students to meet rigorous content and performance standards; provides a continuum of high-quality curriculum and instruction; and, provides courses of instruction that prepare students for a successful transition to post-secondary education, training and future careers in medicine, allied health, biotechnology and related fields.
    • Middle College for Advanced Studies
    • The Performing and Visual Arts Program offers a wide array of courses in dance (Jefferson Dancers/Modern Dance Lab), studio production, theater, photography, and visual arts
    • The Talented and Gifted Program (TAG) meets the needs of academically, intellectually and artistically identified students in mainstream classrooms and in extracurricular settings.
    • National Honors Society.


    • Football, Volleyball, Soccer (Boys and Girls), Basketball (Boys and Girls), Wrestling (Boys and Girls), Baseball, Softball, Cross Country, Track and Field