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    African American Literature

    Students examine traditional U.S. and Black texts from a multicultural perspective, bringing into focus issues of place, diaspora, identity, loss, and more. Students also tackle issues of linguistics, historical presence, education, social impact, and all types of culture—whether it be Kanye and Kendrick, or Dubois and Danticat—to understand how Black literature has evolved from the 17th century to the present day.

    English 5-6

    Junior Language Arts students will use reading and writing to expand their understanding of the world in which they live. They will achieve this through interacting with texts from multicultural perspectives from many genres, including but not limited to: essay, non-fiction, novels, poetry, film and songs. In turn, students will organize their own thoughts and ideas into various writing modes, focusing on essay, narrative and poetry. We will focus on how language impacts our understanding of each other and ourselves.
    Junior English is a dual credit course. Students who meet the college level requirements of the course will earn up to 6 college credits in addition to the English/Language Arts high school credit. Prerequisite: English 3-4
    College Writing + Literature Senior Inquiry
    This is the Senior Inquiry English 7-8 course. Senior Inquiry is a dual-credit, yearlong course offered in partnership between Portland State University and Jefferson High School. Its purpose is to deliver interdisciplinary college-level courses on site at the high school while preparing students for the unique demands and rewards of college coursework. Senior Inquiry is team-taught by high school teachers and university faculty. Students who successfully complete the class will earn 15 college credits as well as the required high school English, Government and Economic credits. In order to be eligible for the PSU credits, students will need to show grade level proficiency, productive academic behaviors, as well as a grade of C or higher in the class. Language Arts credit given for English 7-8 Prerequisite: None
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    English 3-4
    Tenth grade is a pivotal year in a student’s academic career as they begin to hit their academic stride. At Jefferson, students examine literature in the context of the world in which it was written. Tenth grade students read works including August Wilson’s dramatic work The Piano Lesson, Marjane Sartrapi’s raphic novel Persepolis, Ryonsuke Akutagawa’s short fiction in Rashomon, Francisco Jimenez’s memoir Breaking Through, Witi Ihimaera’s novel The Whale Rider, and many other texts, films, and supplementary material. In the tenth grade, students write narratives, expository and persuasive essays, poetry, and imaginative writing. Students continue their four‐year writing portfolio, building onto their initial collection of essays, poetry, and narratives. In addition to the deep, thoughtful learning that takes place in the classroom, students will also continue constructing their Career Planning Portfolios, and participating in the nationwide PSAT. Prerequisite: English 1-2
    Sheltered Language Arts
    Sheltered Language Arts is a course designed to build a background in the English language arts. Students read and examine short literature selections in all genres. Students learn the writing process and write in various modes, including poetry, narrative and short essays. Academic vocabulary includes literary elements. Prerequisite: IPT level A or B ELPA Beginning or early intermediate
    English 1-2
    The English Department at Jefferson High School is committed to helping freshmen start their academic careers with a strong foundation for success. The English 1‐2 classroom at Jefferson provides a nurturing and challenging place where teachers help students navigate through the new challenges they face, both academic and social. In the ninth grade, students write daily and create formal and informal pieces. Students build a strong foundation for sophistication. Prerequisite: None
  • Dan Coffey

    Sophomore ELA/Theatre Teacher


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    Zoe Gould

    Zoe Gould

    Junior ELA/Senior Inq Teacher


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    Abby Hougham

    Sophomore/Junior ELA and Leadership Teacher


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    Dianne Leahy

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    Matt Scholer

    Freshman ELA/Creative Writing/AVID 9


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    Nyki Tews

    Nyki Tews

    Senior Inq/Sheltered English Teacher


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