Determination of Valedictorians are based on unweighted GPA and grades through the first seven semesters of attendance (or five semesters in thecase of an Early Graduate).  Please note that sustained academic achievement and excellence is expected through their final semester. Failure to maintain qualifyinggrades may impact Valedictorian status.

    Grade Changes:
    Students have the right to a grade change up to six months from the date the original grade was entered into Synergy. That in the School Climate Guide and Handbook.  A Senior (or even a teacher) now requesting to change a grade earned in 9th grade extends beyond the six month period.

    The valedictorian(s) is/are the student(s) in a school’s graduating class with the highest unweighted GPA over the first seven semesters. Students who retake a class and have a lower grade pounded out are eligible for valedictorian status. Weighted GPAs are not used to determine valedictorians. Some schools may delay this determination until the third quarter of the senior year. In all cases, students, families, and certain district departments should be notified of valedictorian status as soon as possible."