Attendance Policies

  • November 2, 2022

    Demo Community, 

    As we continue to support our students with their time management and also teach them the skill of being on time for class, we will continue to implement policies that inform our practice. The following will be announced in classes this coming week. School-wide enforcement will begin the week of 11/7:

    • Students with 2 or more Tardies/L or CUT/LAT to a specific class within our reporting window each week will receive lunchtime detention on Thursday and Friday.

    • Students who DO NOT serve their lunch detentions will receive further consequences, which may include being put on the Do No Admit list or receiving In School Suspension (ISS)

    Again, our #1 priority is to improve the attendance of our students. We hope with changes in policy our practice will be clearer for students as we continue to improve our student attendance goals.

    • Tardies/L: After Tardy bell
    • LAT: Late after attendance (Late after more than 25%)
    • CUT: Leaving class without permission or missing more than 25% of class  
    • Do Not Admit: Your Student is required to meet with an Admin or Dean of Students prior to admission to class. All teachers will be informed that the student is on the Do Not Admit list. Students may not be able to participate in any extracurricular activities. 
    • ISS: In School Suspension

    Updates on our Building Entrance Policy:

    We are encouraging any students who are driving to park on the Kerby side of the building. We also want to encourage any parents dropping off students to use the Kerby side of the building.

    Morning Entry: The tardy bell rings at 8:30 am. Students may enter by Kerby or Commercial gates onto the football field until 9:00 am. After 9:00 am, students will enter through doors on Kerby (A and B floor) by showing ID and then signing in at the main office.

    Lunch: Students may exit the Kerby or Commercial side doors and re-enter through the Kerby and Commercial side gates onto the field until 12:45 pm. After 12:45 pm, students will need to enter through the doors on Kerby (A and B floor) by showing ID and then signing in at the main office.

    Afternoon: Students will exit through the Kerby side of the building. Athletes will need to exit the building unless coaches are present for practice, a game or study hall.

    Students propping doors open will result in disciplinary actions.