Academic Enrichment

Club Name Description Advisor Room
Constitution Team In this class, learn about the history of American government, the Constitution, and Supreme Court cases in preparation for the We the People competition. Sadie Adams 386
Drama Four-five productions a year feature a variety of playwrights and formats, including senior-directed one-act plays. Thespian Student Council is the leadership group. Meets, when needed, at lunch in room 268. Tom Beckett 268
Instrumental and Vocal Music Features Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Jazz Ensemble, Percussion, Wind Ensemble, IB Music; 'A' Choir and ensembles ('Daires, Vox Harmonia, Nova Altus and Nova Basso). Both the instrumentalists and vocalists participate in competitions which include regional and State events. Gary Riler / Allison Bassett 234 / 236
Mentors (Academic Tutors) Upperclassmen tutor and role model for 9th graders. Mentors may qualify for elective credit, community service and/or career pathway experience. Counselors SSC
Mock Trial Members learn what it is like to be a lawyer, to examine case files, to write a case, and the importance of how to present oneself while speaking in public. Julia Blattner 125
National Honor Society Comprised of students with a 3.5 GPA or higher, the CHS chapter requires community service hours earned by volunteering for events/projects. Brian Fain 363
Outdoor School Sophomores, juniors and seniors serve as Junior Counselors for 6th graders who attend this county program at selected campsites. Counselors SSC
Publications -- Newspaper (The Clarion) Those who successfully complete the foundations of digital media class may apply for the newspaper staff, which publishes monthly. Andy Sorensen 368
Publications -- Yearbook (The Legend) Any student may apply for a position on this staff, which is composed of primarily juniors and seniors. A photography staff is a part of this publication. Eric Levine 372
Robotics ('Pigmice') Design, build and test robots to prepare for FIRST robotics competitions in the spring. This year-round club is student-led with adult mentors who advise. Cindi Carrell 248
Speech & Debate ('Cannibals') Multiple winners of District and State competitions, the team participates in OSAA-sponsored events and meets weekly to practice for competitions. All students are invited to participate as team captains "coach" their peers in a variety of categories for tournament competition. Patrick Gonzales 127

Student Government

Class Cabinets Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors elect officers to sponsor activities and perform community service. Susie Brighouse, Freshmen; Maggie Appel, Sophmores; Camille Adana, Juniors; Claire Millon & Kendra Wisely, Seniors
Executive Council / Leadership Classes This group is comprised of the student body president and other elected SB officers along with students selected via application. Two Leadership classes sponsor assemblies, Homecoming, dances, and community service projects. E. Mirsepassi / S. Brighouse 113 / 106


Adventures: D & D Role playing games for student entertainment every Monday afternoon. Paige Hazard Portable 1
Anime Club Watch anime and review films every day at lunch. Brian Barnes 250
Asian Student Union Help create a community for Asian students and attend community events in the Portland area. Meets every other Tuesday at lunch in room 117. Po Waiwaiole 117
Alpine Ski Racing Team Renamed Eastside PDX, this club is associated with OR Interscholastic Ski Racing Assn. Contact coach Randy Hewitt (grantskiraceteam@gmail.com) AK Peterson 387
Chess Club Members teach newcomers and learn competitive strategies Tuesdays and Wednesdays at lunch in room 382. Attend tournaments at local schools. Kieran LeMeune 382
CHS DJ Club Learn how to select, mix, perform pre-recorded music and how to operate a sound system and DJ equipment. Ezra Ereckson 277
Comic Book Club Discuss comic books and issues about content, illustrations and representations of different cultures every Tuesday at lunch in room 211. Sean Murray 211
Cribbage Club Dedicated to learning, teaching and playing cribbage every other Thursday at lunch in room 320. Rafael Bobenrieth 320
Drawing Club Goal is to form a community of artists, who can provide meaningful feedback crucial to an artist's development. Meets other Wednesday 3:30 pm in room 286 LeeAnne Heuberger 286
E-Sports Club Provides opportunity to play video games on Wednesdays at lunch in room 106. Susie Brighouse 106
Environmental Justice Club Educates members about the importance of preserving and protecting the environment. Meets every Tuesday at lunch in 109. Paige Hazard 109
Ethical Entrepeneurs Aims to de-stigmatize entrepreneurship and promote ethical practices relating to sustainability. Meets every other Wednesday at lunch in room 119. Kaley Hambelton 119
Film Club No prior experience needed to learn how to make a film, engage in creative activity and meet new people. Meets Mondays at lunch in room 385. Vanessa Hughes 385
Government History Learn and discuss the histories of all forms of government. Meets Mondays at lunch in room 372. Eric Levine 372
H.A.C.K. In a fun and supportive environment, girls will learn to code, work on projects and encourage girls to go into STEM. Meets Tuesdays at lunch in room 308. Angie Misumi 308
Health Occupations Students (HOSA) - CHS chapter Promoting career opportunities in the health care field, HOSA members volunteer and attend a State conference. Meets Tuesdays at lunch in room 355. Alex Fuller 355
Helping the Homeless Fundraising for local shelters, volunteering at local soup kitchen, and making care packages. Meets Mondays at lunch in room 113. Eric Mirsepassi 113
Improv Club Provides a fun environment for theater and comedy fans to explore and refine improvisational skills. Meets last 'A' day of each week at lunch in room 268. TBA 268
Jewish Student Union Aims to create a place here to celebrate and learn more about Jewish culture. Everyone welcome! Meets every other Friday at lunch in room 115. Steve Nims 115
Key Club Members learn leadership skills and commit to service hours on behalf of the school and our community. Meets 2nd & 4th Thursdays at lunch in room 113. Eric Mirsepassi 113
Lacrosse - girls Affiliated with the Oregon Lacrosse Assn., the CHS team competes in the spring from March-May. Recruiting meeting held in January. Cain Christen (ccchristen@juno.com)
Latinx Student Union Focuses on the empowerment of Latinx students here and encourages their self-expression. All are welcome. Meets Wednesdays at lunch in room 232. Richard Acuna 232
League of Legends A strategy game that requires thinking, communication and teamwork in a fun environment. Meets every other Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. in computer lab 266. Bryan Smith library
Maker Club Encourages members to pursue interests, learn about resources in science and math (STEM) fields. Meets Thursdays at lunch in room 320. John Walker 383
Math Club Discuss and solve math and logic problems, using a variety of mediums. Meets Thursdays at lunch in room 325. Jessica Segraves 325
Period @ CHS Strives to ensure the right of comfort in menstruation, free from societal stigma. $50 fee for PDX organization, 'PERIOD.' Meets Mondays at lunch in room 384. C. Adana / G. Chapman 384
Phoenix Program Continuing the connection made during the retreat, students meet to strengthen bonds and learn strategies. Meets Thursdays after school in room 313. Ian Maurer 313
Play Card/Board Games Aims to bring people who enjoy playing card and board games together on Mondays after school in room 300. Mary Rodeback 300
Polynesian Culture Intends to spread the joy and culture of Polynesia through dance, song, food and craft. Meets every other Tuesday at lunch in room 117. Po Waiwaiole 117
Red Cross - CHS Chapter Provides members with service opportunities, leadership skills and sponsors a blood drive. Meets first Wednesday of every month at lunch in room 378. Nathan Pier 378
The Right Reasons Fans of TV's "The Bachelor", "Bachelorette" and "Bachelor in Paradise" analyze this cultural phenomenon on Wednesdays at lunch in room 110. Maggie Appel 110
Rugby (girls) Rugby Oregon league sponsors matches with practices beginning in March. Brenda Gordon 344
SAFER (Students Active for Ending Rape) Aspires to create a community which builds a consent culture to prevent sexual assault. Meets Fridays at lunch in room 384. Gaye Chapman 384
Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) Meetings offer a safe space for LGBTQ+ and their allies to discuss topics relating to sexual orientation and gender identity. Meets Wednesdays lunch in rm. 336. Seamus Shalman 336
Spice Route Members gather student art, comics, song lyrics, poetry and short stories for a literary journal. Meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday at lunch in room 280. Dominic LeFave 280
Spirit Squad Aims to encourage student attendance at various CHS events so the organizers feel supported. Meets every other Wednesday at lunch in room 113. Eric Mirsepassi 113
Star Wars Club Media (movies, shows, books) from the Star Wars universe will be shown, read and then analyzed. Meets Fridays at lunch in room 388. Matt Sten 388
Style & Photography Students who have an interest in creativity, photography and art are invited to take pictures, style hair/cosmetics. Meets Tuesdays at lunch in room 378. Nathan Pier 378
UNICEF Club Designed for students who have the passion to educate, advocate and fundraise for UNICEF which strives to protect children from dying from preventable causes. Meets every other Wednesday at lunch in room 384. Gaye Chapman 384
Wasabi Kraken Dragon Boat Team Paddlers will meet Nov. 27 at lunch in room 284 to gauge interest in competing and plan to meet again in February. Liam Donoghue 284
Water 1st International This world organization raises money to build water sources in places where water is neither healthy to drink nor easily accessible. Meets first Wednesday of the month after school in room 363. Brian Fain 363
Youth Action Council Associated with the Health Center, members raise awareness about health issues, advocating to make CHS healthier. Meets Thursdays at lunch in 387. Tamara Mazelin Health Center RN
Youth Ending Slavery (YES) - CHS chapter Designed for those who are passionate about human rights, social justice and the abolishment of modern day slavery. Meets Fridays at lunch in room 125. Julia Blattner 125
Youth 4 the Earth Promotes climate change activism and youth empowerment for those who have a passion for the environment. Meets every other Thursday lunch in room 125. Paige Hazard 125