Performing Arts at CHS

  • Cleveland Bands


    Instrumental Music consists of Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Percussion Tech and Jazz Ensemble. 


    For more information, contact Gary Riler at or visit the CHS Bands Website

  • Choral Music


    Choral Music consists of the following groups: Nova Choirs (Freshman Choirs), Vox Harmonia (Soprano/Alto auditioned group), "Aurem" Choir, and ClevelanDAIRES. For more information, contact Allison Bassett at or visit the CHS Choirs Website.

  • Drama


    Four to five productions a year feature a variety of playwrights and formats, including one-acts and musicals.

    The Drama courses are designed to introduce students to Acting, Theatre History and Performance. Through various processes, an understanding of the historical evolution of theatre and its importance to our modern lives, a beginning knowledge of techniques and terms for performing on the stage and an introductory knowledge of design and the technical aspects of theatre production will be introduced.



Performing Arts Calendar