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    Government/Economics: College Senior Inquiry
    This is the Senior Inquiry government/economics course. Senior Inquiry is a dual-credit, year-long course offered in partnership between Portland State University and Jefferson High School. Its purpose is to deliver interdisciplinary college-level courses on site at the high school while preparing students for the unique demands and rewards of college coursework. Senior Inquiry is a team taught by high school teachers and university faculty. Students who successfully complete the class will earn 15 college credits as well as the required high school English, Government and Economic credits. In order to be eligible for the PSU credits, students will need to show grade level proficiency, productive academic behaviors, as well as a grade of C or higher in the class. Prerequisite: None
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    United States History
    Students enrolled in this class will evaluate continuity and change over the course of U.S. history. Particular attention is given to social, economic, racial, and gender themes. The class covers a variety of topics ranging from the Constitution, Native American experiences, Reconstruction, migration, labor and strikes, the Great Depression and the New Deal, WW2 from a local perspective, the Cold War, civil rights and liberation movements, immigration, U.S. imperialism, and the prison industrial complex. Students will have opportunities to participate in role plays, essay writing, simulations, speeches, as well as individual and group projects. Prerequisite: None
    Sheltered Social Studies
    Department: Social Studies, ELD
    This class covers a variety of topics, including colonization, human rights, immigration, globalization, climate change, terrorism, wars, civil rights movements, and U.S. domestic and foreign policy. Materials and activities are designed to meet the unique needs of beginner English Language Learners. This class can be used for Modern World History and US History credits. Prerequisite: None
    Modern World History
    In Modern World History, students are taught to gather and analyze historical information from a variety of primary and secondary sources and to engage in informed deliberations and discussions of issues, events, and ideas. The class covers a variety of topics ranging from evaluating sources, human rights, colonization, humanitarian aid, political systems such as apartheid, world wars, globalization, trade agreements, climate change, and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Technology, geography, and literacy skills will be incorporated into projects, essays, simulations, group activities and individual assignments. Prerequisite: None
  • Annelies Bulow

    Modern World History


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    Luke Griffin

    Modern World History/US History Teacher


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    Eliana Machuca

    Eliana Machuca

    Senior Inquiry Teacher


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    Rebecca McKnight

    US History/Ethnic Studies Teacher


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    Wendy Shelton

    Senior Inquiry Teacher


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