Forecasting Instructions for 2021-22


    Forecasting provides students with the opportunity to identify the core courses required to graduate as well as elective courses available that can both enhance and support their school experience. PPS requires 24 credits to graduate. A full schedule of eight classes provides students with the opportunity to take maximum advantage of the educational opportunities offered at McDaniel.

    Students should carefully review the list of courses available, consult with their parents and counselor as needed, and select 8 courses along with alternate course choices that meet your educational goals.

    Students in 9th - 11th grades will work with their advisory class to forecast for next year, beginning January 6, 2021. 


    To view the searchable Interactive Course Guide of course offerings for McDanielHigh School for 2021-22, follow this link:

    Interactive Course Guide

    To view the Course Guide for 2021-22 as a PDF, follow this link:

    2021-22 McDaniel Course Guide PDF



    To submit forecasting course requests, please click on the link for your CURRENT grade level to begin.

    NOTE: Students may only submit the form ONE TIME, so be sure all your information is correct before submitting!

    Current 8th graders

    Current 9th graders

    Current 10th graders

    Current 11th graders

    If you have further questions, please ask your school counselor: Contact us here!

    updated 1/19/21