Forecasting Instructions


    Forecasting provides you with the opportunity to identify the core courses required for you to graduate as well as elective courses available to you that can both enhance and support your school experience.  PPS requires 24 credits to graduate. A full schedule of eight classes provides you with the opportunity to take maximum advantage of the educational opportunities.  You should carefully review the list of courses available, consult with your parents and counselor as needed, and select 8 courses along with alternate course choices that meet your educational goals.


    To begin, view the  forecasting assembly slideshow:

    SLIDESHOW 2019-20


    Then, watch the youtube instructional video on how to electronically forecast:



    Students must then login to their StudentVue page and select Course Request from the menu on the left. The video is also available on this page. Choices will be saved as the student adds courses. Counselors will meet individually with students beginning Friday, Jan. 11 through the end of the month.


    To see the course offerings guidebook for Madison High School for 2019-20, click the link below:

    Course Guide


    Please print and fill out the forecast worksheet(s) that match the grade you are entering in 2019-20. 


    10th Grade p1

    10th Grade p2

    11th Grade p1

    11th Grade p2

    12th Grade p1

    12th Grade p2

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