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    Maia Learning is PPS’s college and career planning resource for PPS high schools. 

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    Maia Learning assists student in their career development, with the ability to:

    • Conduct self-assessments around interests, personality and work values
    • Recommend careers where students are likely to thrive
    • Help students understand their strengths and interests and match those to career possibilities
    • Create a career plan with attributes and actions needed to work towards students career goals

    Maia Learning assists manage their HS academic plans, with the ability to:

    • Create a 4-year plan
    • Track completed courses and progress towards graduation
    • Review their school’s course catalog

    Maia Learning assist students manage college applications and portfolio, with the ability to:  

    • look up information about individual colleges
    • compare colleges
    • view scattergrams to see past students’ acceptance to individual colleges
    • manage college applications
    • view your school’s college visit schedule and sign up for visits
    • Keep records of activities, goals, experiences and resume

    Maia Learning also help students and counselors manage college applications, including the ability to:

    • allow counselors to write recommendations
    • coordinate teacher recommendations
    • order transcripts 

    To provide additional post-high school information, including:

    • financial aid options
    • scholarships
    • test preparation
    • college athletics
    • career options
    • military options

    Maia Learning Overview- Click the video below to watch a brief overview of the Maia Learning platform.
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    To log in, go to the MaiaLearning user login page and click the "Sign in with Google" button, then select your account.


    College Application Data:

    For the purposes of filling out college applications, 

    Madison High School's CEEB code #: 380902

    Madison's Class of 2021 graduation date: June 9, 2021