• McDaniel HS Journalists Release Online Newspaper

    Check out our publication at mhsnews.org



    What’s happening:

    While we are now back in in-person school, the McDaniel newspaper has not yet re-established a physical copy of our paper ready for readers yet. While we work towards setting up a printed copy of our paper, we are continuing to publish stories online. We intend to incorporate the online paper as a permanent part of our journalism program, meaning that even after we are back to a physical paper all of our news stories will be available on our website. 

    Why it’s exciting:

    Not only is the newspaper adapting to the times, the online publication allows us to practice new skills and deepen our understanding of contemporary journalism--while also getting breaking news stories to our readers more quickly and easily.


    • 38 journalism students, led by editor-in-chiefs Eva Andrews and Isaac Pedersen, launched the online newspaper on Oct. 29, 2021

    • The student reporters have been working on stories and design since August. 

    • Our newspaper name and website address will be updated after the paper’s renaming process ends. Staff can have a say by filling out this survey.

    • We shall return to printing our newspaper sometime this year, although the online version will still be available

    Quotes from the newspaper staff:

    • "As a journalist my goal is to provide information and perspective from and for the McDaniel community." --Isaac Pedersen, Chief Editor
    • "Working on this paper as both a reporter and an editor, I've gained valuable experience with leadership responsibilities and teamwork. This new website really adds a new professional layer to McDaniel journalism, and I believe it will enrich the experience for years to come." --Lincoln Wheeler, Copy Editor

    Opportunities to participate:

    • Read the newspaper in class: We would be delighted if you gifted students the opportunity in your class to read stories and engage with the publication. Whether that be independent reading, brainstorming untold stories, or practicing persuasive writing commentaries, we are here for it. 
    • Submit Story Ideas:  Email our managing editors, Eva (eandrews5561@student.pps.net) and Isaac (ipedersen9364@student.pps.net), with your idea. 
    • Follow us on Instagram:  We have a media presence too. Follow us: @mcdaniel.news 
    • Write Letters to the Editor:  We are a public forum, which means that students, staff and community members are able to submit responses to items that we publish in the form of a “Letter to the Editor”. Our submission criteria is available here
    • Craft Guest Contributions: We are looking to build a space where students, staff and community members can also help contribute to the journalistic storytelling in our community. We will accept submissions to go through our editorial process that would lead to publishing. This can include story ideas, fully drafted pieces or visual art. Our submission criteria is available here

    Background information:

    The paper has been published since the school opened in 1957, so over 64 years in print. The staff has included: 2013 Rose Festival Princess Hannah Rice; former student, previous adviser and retired health teacher Suzy Setterholm; and AP English teacher Gene Brunak, who advised the newspaper from 2004-2020. The newspaper has been an open forum for students, staff and community members since its inception, and the publication has empowered youth to exercise their freedom of press through stories ranging from controversial commentaries about violent actions of the government to covering and criticizing experiences of racism in athletics. They’ve also kept readers entertained with media reviews and informed by showcasing events through the eyes of students. 

    With the help of a website hosting platform (SNO Sites, created specifically for student journalism), we uphold the long legacy of teenage voice while making our newspaper more accessible to our readers.

    Our handbook:

    All of our policies and guidelines are available in the McDaniel Student Publication Handbook.

    Isaac Pedersen, Editor-in-chief

    Eva Andrews, Editor-in-chief

    Lincoln Wheeler, Copy Editor

    Ian Latta, Copy Editor

    Zane Emerson, Section Editor

    Grace Gaddy, Section Editor

    Sarabeth Leitch, Newspaper adviser