• Computer Science
    Instructor: Tamara O'Malley



    Intro to Computer Science
    This class is a chance to explore Computer Science through coding, 3D modeling and animation, and the exploration of the history, current events, and ethical issues of computing. Learn the fundamental concepts of programming through a visual programming language, then extend that knowledge into a syntax-based language. You will also code a webpage, build a mobile app, explore robotics and investigate 3D modeling, 3D printing and 3D animation.

    AP Computer Science
    Learn how to code in Java using both object-oriented and imperative design strategies. Topics include data structures, algorithms, problem solving, and the ethical and social implications of computing. Homework is required, and may include both reading (textbook) and coding.

    Intermediate Computer Science 3
    Dive further into coding by learning Python, and apply your coding knowledge to build a game. This course will prepare students for APCS. 

    Intermediate Computer Science 4
    Use your knowledge of Python to work with a Raspberry Pi and learn about the Internet of Things. This course will prepare students for APCS.

    Senior Design
    Choose your own computer science related project and develop it throughout the year.

    3D Modeling and Animation
    This course introduces the fundamental concepts, principles, and practices of 3D digital modeling, rendering, and rapid prototyping (3D printing). You will learn 3D modeling techniques including production of surfaces and forms, texturing, lighting, and rendering. Once you have mastered the concepts of 3D modeling, you will move on to animating models and eventually work toward making an animated movie or 3D game. Prerequisite: Intro CS, Intro to Engineering Design, Digital Design.

    Design, build, and program robots! Learn how circuit boards work. Using Arduino and Lego/Tetrix robots we will cover the fundamentals of problem solving, program design, algorithms and coding. You will have the option of joining a First Tech Challenge competition team which requires a commitment to attend evening and weekend events.