• Welcome to Madison Athletics!


    Welcome to Madison at Marshall Campus! Athletics is now located in room A-27, down the hall from the gym.

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    9/16 - 9/21

    9/23 - 9/28

    • Reminder: All athletes must register online with Family ID, either upload or hand in a paper copy of their current physical, AND pay a pay-to-play fee before they join a team.
    • Madison's link to Family ID: https://www.familyid.com/madison-high-school-2
    • Fees can be paid in person through athletics or to our bookkeeper by card/check/cash, or online with a credit/debit card through Schoolpay.com. Use this LINK to go directly to the athletics payment screen.
    • On the payment screen, select which sport (1st or 2nd) this is for your child this year. Choose which fee you will be paying. The adjusted fee is for free and reduced fees ($35).

    • On the next screen select your child's name, and then below that there is a box to type in the name of the sport they will play. Select the blue “check out” button and pay on the next screen.

    • If you wish to prepay for a second sport for later this year, select the "add and continue shopping" which directs you back to the first screen again. Choose a 2nd sport and enter name and team again. For cut teams like basketball, you may also wait to be sure your child makes the team.

    • Remember each student only has to pay for 2 sports each year. If you play 3, the third is free!


    Check out photos of our Senator athletes on our PTSA website!  

    Click this link or visit https://www.madisonsenators.com/athletics to view.




    • All students must have a current physical (within 2 years) to participate in high school sports (does not apply to band/choir).
    • Fall sports (soccer, cross-country, volleyball, football) begin meeting in June!



    For current information about our sports teams, scores, photo galleries, and more, check out the Madison Athletics web page at http://madisonathletics.net.

    You can also follow us on Twitter @MadSenators

    Join our Facebook page: Madison Senator Athletics             

    Check out videos of our athletes on YouTube: search for Madison Senator Athletics


    Middle school students in the Madison area can participate in Portland Interscholastic League Youth Sports programs. For information and registration forms for Youth Sports, see our website at: madisonathletics.net or http://madisonyouthsports.weebly.com/

    If you have any questions about our programs, please contact us:   

    Madison HS Principal:             Adam Skyles

    Madison HS main office:         M-F, 503-916-5200

    Athletic Director:                    Tyler Kelleher  tkelleher@pps.net  x 86171

    Athletics Secretary:                Kerry Graves kgraves@pps.net,   8:00 am - 2:30 pm x 86170

    Athletics Office:                      Room A 27B, 503-916-5220 x 65227


    For details about Madison Athletics, including coach contacts, team schedules, scores and photos, please check the Madison Athletics website at madisonathletics.net

Athletic Participation Requirements


    Madison High School encourages all students to to participate in athletics! To join a team, students must fulfill academic requirements and register proof of a current physical exam to be eligible. Additional forms and fees also need to be submitted to participate.


    REQUIRED FEES: (new for 2018-19)

    • pay the required fees--all Madison teams cost $200 per season ($400 annual maximum) 
    • Free and Reduced lunch students only pay $35 per season ($70 annual maximum)


    Students who fail to meet any of these 3 requirements are not eligible to participate in sports:

    • student must have passed 5 classes the previous semester.
    • student must be enrolled and passing 5 classes in the current semester.
    • student must be making satisfactory progress toward graduation by earning the minimum number of credits:(4.5 credits by the start of 10th grade, 10 credits by the start of 11th grade, 17 credits by the start of 12th grade)

    In addition:

    • student must have earned the following GPA the previous quarter:

    2.0 with no Fs or 2.5 with one F

    Students who do not meet this requirement may register but will be placed on academic probation for the current season. Please contact the athletics office if you have questions about academic probation.


    Students must submit a current approved physical form to the Athletics Department prior to participating in sports. The exam will be valid for 2 years, and does not need to be filled out for additional sports within the current year. Generally, students will need to complete these their Freshman and Junior years.


    Physical: Spanish

    Physical: Vietnamese

    Physical: Chinese

    Physical: Russian


    Students who have a valid physical on file will only need to submit an Update form during the alternate year (generally Sophomore and Senior years).


    Incoming freshmen:  YOU WILL NEED TO HAND IN A NEW FORM TO MADISON ATHLETICS. If you participated in PIL Youth Athletics, please see the Athletics Secretary to see if your physical is still current to play. 



    Students/families must also submit the following items to participate each year:

Portland Public Schools (PPS) Athletic Department

  • Click below to go to the PPS Athletics Department homepage, where you will find information relating to all PPS sports.


Coach Contacts