• PPS has transitioned from Naviance to MaiaLearning as a Career and College Readiness tool for PPS high school counselors, staff, students and families. MaiaLearning gives students, families and school staff the same important features as Naviance had, as well as many additional features and benefits. Students will use MaiaLearning to:


    Students will use MaiaLearning to:

    • Learn about their own strengths and interests
    • Research career paths and post-secondary options
    • Create career plans with attributes and actions needed to work towards students’ goals
    • Create four-year plans and track completed courses 
    • View scattergrams and other information helpful for post-secondary planning
    • Request letters of recommendation and transcripts and track college applications
    • Sign up for college visits and other school college/career events
    STUDENTS: All students have access to Maia Learning using their PPS single sign-on. To log in to Maia, click "sign in with google", and enter your PPS login and password. Find detailed login instructions with screenshots here. Students are also encouraged to check out this introductory video and as well as this infographic (with embedded videos) to learn about everything you can do in Maia Learning. To get started with your Maia Learning dashboard, read this quick guide
    PARENTS: Parents can be given a parental Maia Learning account to access their students' progress and activities in Maia Learning.  For instructions on setting up an account and to log in, click here. Families are also encouraged to check out this introductory video to see an overview of Maia Learning.