• College & Career Planning Guides

    Students can access a variety of post-secondary information, terminology, and links to additional planning resources, in our college and career planning guides. Planning guides are not intended to replace students' work with their counselors or participation in meaningful post-secondary planning events at school, but serve as a supplemental guide with an abundance of self-navigating resource.



    Students are encouraged to check out these grade-level checklists to help them stay organized and navigate the postsecondary planning process. Checklists are also embedded in the comprehensive College & Career Planning Guides.



    Students can use the worksheets below to explore, compare, and contrast their postsecondary options (must make a copy first)


  • Maia Learning

  • Trades & Apprenticeships

  • The Common Application

  • Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)

  • Playing Sports in College

  • Letters of Recommendation

  • Scholarships and Financial Aid

  • SAT / ACT

  • Summer Pre-College Programs