• The Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) requires ALL coaches to have ALL certifications current prior to the beginning of the season and valid throughout all seasons during the sport season EACH YEAR.

    1. National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) Fundamentals of Coaching

    This is an on-line class that takes up to 6 hours to complete. You do not need to do it all in one sitting. It only needs to be done ONCE IN YOUR COACHING CAREER. There is a cost of $50 to take the course. If you were certified through ASEP prior to 2007, you can be “grandfathered” in and exempt from taking the course.

    Link to class: NFHS Fundamentals of Coaches

    2. Concussion Training (Annual)

    Link to free class: NFHS Concussion Test

    3. Heat Illness & Hydration Training (every 4 years)

    Link to free class: NFHS Heat Illness & Hydration Training

    4. Steroid & Performance Enhancing Substances Training (every 4 years)

    NFHS Course: Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drugs and Substances 

    5. First Aid/CPR Certification (every 2 years)

    PPS requires all PAID coaches to have current First Aid/CPR certification. One of the ways you can meet this requirement is through the NFHS online course (Note: You still need the CPR Component).

    Link to class: NFHS First Aid Certification

    6. Interrupting and Preventing Discriminatory Acts

    Link to class:  Interrupting and Preventing Discriminatory Acts

    7. Spirit and Safety Certification (Cheer & Dance ONLY) 

    Link to class:  Spirit & Safety Course 


  • Positive Coaching Alliance Trainings

    1. Positive Coaching Alliance - New Coach Training 

    2. Positive Coaching Alliance - Sports Can Battle Racism

    PPS Coaching Requirements:


    1. Pepper Login 

    FP - Fingerprinting 

    HR - HR Paperwork 

    I-9 - Employment Eligibility and provided 2 forms of ID

    OLAP - Online Application 

    VBG - Volunteer Background Check

    PC1021 - Child Abuse Prevention and Reporting 

    PC1022 - Discrimination, Harassment, Bullying and Retaliation

    PC1023 - Emergency Preparedness

    PC1024 - Employee Handbook

    PC1025 - Identifying and Supporting Homeless Youth

    PC1026 - Risk Management and Hazard Communication

    PC1027 - Adult Sexual Misconduct: Staff to Student/Title IX

    PC1028 - Professional Conduct Training

    PC1029 - Information Security Awareness Training

    PC1030 - School Suicide Prevention Training