• Students New To PPS

    STEP 1 -  Collect the following documents:

    • Proof of age document (birth certificate, passport or similar document)
    • 2 proof of address documents (more information here)
      • Examples include mortgage, rental agreement, utility bills (dated within the last 30 days at the time of enrollment), insurance or governmental assistance statement.
             Parent name, home address and date must be visible
             If you cannot provide two proofs of address, contact the Enrollment and Transfer Center
    • Immunization record
           Information on the Vaccine Requirements by grade level can be found at the Multnomah Education Service District Immunization website
    • Unofficial transcript for 10th through 12th graders
    • Previous school’s contact information

    STEP 2 -  Complete online registration:

    1. Go to: Online Registration Site
    2. Click Activate Account/Reset Password
    3. Click Create a New Account
    4. Read the Privacy Statement and if you agree, click I Accept
    5. Enter your account information and click Continue to Step 3
    6. Refer to the confirmation email you should have received and follow the next steps.

    The online registration will enroll the student at the school assigned to the address where you reside. If the student is on an approved transfer to a different school, connect with the transfer school for enrollment options. If you experience technical difficulties with the online registration, email IT Support support@pps.net.

    Once you have completed the online registration, a Franklin staff member will contact you.

    School Registrar, Sorena Dibble sdibble@pps.net

    (503) 916-5140 ext. 84359