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    Biotech Health
    The focus of this class is on wellness, healthy lifestyles and preventing negative health behaviors. You will have the opportunity to participate in hands‐ on activities, group work, role plays, case studies, and projects. Some of the topics covered include: alcohol, tobacco and drug prevention, sex education, fitness, nutrition, body systems and disease prevention. Skills such as decision‐ making, goal-setting, positive communication, refusal skills and advocacy will be practiced in this class. You will have the opportunity to explore health careers through field trips and service learning projects. Prerequisite: Enrolled in Biotech
    Health 1-2: The academic success of America’s youth is strongly linked with their health. Health literacy is essential for preparing students to be healthy and productive members of our society. To prepare our students, we must promote a skill-based learning model in which students will be able to develop, practice, and personalize the following essential health skills. Prerequisite: None