• Fall 2020: School Will Be Online Until At Least November 5

    Following guidance from health officials and Gov. Kate Brown, PPS will start the fall semester online. More information

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  • Madison High School and office is physically closed at this time for summer break. Families, please continue to check our website for updates from Principal Skyles. Past notices have been saved under the Principal's Message tab. Click View All for the complete list. 
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  • Mission: At Madison, all students will access an engaging and inclusive education defined by diversity and respect. All students will graduate from high school empowered with critical skills necessary for success in higher education, career, and community engagement.

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  • Yearbook & Diploma Picture Pick Up Dates

    Yearbooks will be available for pick up again next week!! There are plenty of extra yearbooks for purchase at $25.00 each. Also, seniors, you can pick up your FREE Diploma Day photos! 
    Here is the link to purchase a yearbook - be sure to screenshot your receipt to show when you come to pick it up. 
    Here are the days and times for next week:
     Monday, August 10th -- 12 pm - 3 pm
    Tuesday, August 11th -- 12 pm - 3 pm
    Wednesday, August 12th -- 12 pm - 3 pm
    Thursday, August 13th -- 12 pm - 3 pm
    If you have any questions, please send Trinh at tngo@pps.net.
  • Salute to the class of 2020!

    Madison families, did you catch the KGW Salute to the Madison class of 2020? Congratulations, Graduates!
  • Message from Principal Skyles: Madison Family Updates - July 15, 2020

    Hello, Madison families,
    Please click on the following link to view the latest message from Principal Skyles.
  • Summer Registration Resources & Food Pantry Updates


    Each summer the Enrollment and Transfer Center completes about 300 new student registrations during the weeks when schools are closed.  Here are some questions and answers about how this work will happen this year, with the onset of summer registration.  This is a live document, and we will continue to update as new questions and procedures arise.

    Q:  Can parents complete online registration over the summer?
    Yes, if an online registration was started at the neighborhood school but not finished due to questions or missing documents, ETC can work with the family to complete the process.  Please leave notes in the online registration file, so we can pick up where you left off, and pay special attention to any concerns or questions you have.  

    Q:  Can parents come to the ETC in person?
    As of this moment there is no plan for public entry to BESC.  Parents who need to submit documents can use regular mail or e-mail.  We can also arrange google meetings to view and verify proof of age documentation. 

    Q:  What about families who complete paper registration forms?
    Families can pick up paper registration packets at seven food pantry sites this summer.  The packets include stamped envelopes addressed to the Enrollment and Transfer Center.  ETC staff will enter the information into Synergy, and leave notes for any registrations that are pending when you return.

    Food Pantry Site


    Day/Time Open

    Languages of staff on site

    Franklin High School

    5405 SE Woodward St. 

    Fridays 11:30 - 1:30

    Spanish, Russian, Ukranian, English


    5105 SE 97th Ave.

    Mondays  11:30 - 1:30

    Spanish, Vietnamese, English, Cantonese 

    Martin Luther King, Jr.

    4906 NE 6th Ave.

    Thursday 11-1

    English, Spanish

    Rosa Parks

    8960 N Woolsey Ave.

    Mon/Thurs noon -2

    English, Spanish


    6700 NE Prescott St.

    Tuesdays 11 - 1

    English, Spanish


    9930 N Smith St.

    Mondays 11-1

    English, Spanish


    7900 SE Duke St.

    Wed 11-1

    English, Spanish

     Visit the Early Learning Programs webpage for location/ program updates.  

    Q:  Is the ETC planning to finalize ALL pending online registrations this summer?
    ETC will work with any family who seeks our assistance, but we will not be reaching out to other families in your pending queue.  Families can wait for your return in August, if they wish to work with you directly.  

    Q:  When will K-5 lottery results be reflected in Synergy?
    A file will be sent to Synergy this month, but the results will not be visible until after the New Year Rollover occurs in July.  Due to office closures and other unforeseen delays we were not able to complete the file before the end of the school year.  

    Q:  What about students approved for transfer in the lottery who are registered at their neighborhood schools?
    These students will be rolled over to their correct schools as part of NYR.  Afterwards, the standard Synergy process will continue:  Upon notification of a transfer the current or neighborhood school should no-show the student and alert the transfer school to pick up the enrollment.

    Q:  What if a family tells us they want their child to attend the neighborhood school instead of a transfer school?
    If the transfer school is private, alternative, charter or home-based, including online options, please register the student right away.  If the transfer school is another PPS neighborhood or focus option program, including dual language immersion, please have the family complete a petition transfer request right away.  Due to the unprecedented instability caused by the pandemic, we will do our best to rapidly approve transfers back to neighborhood schools.  Note that we reserve the right to deny transfers between PPS schools due to extremely large class sizes.  However, new resident students coming from other types of schools must be admitted to their neighborhood schools.

  • Congratulations, Class of 2020!

    Here is the Facebook Live drone camera video of your Diploma Celebration on 610/20! 
  • Help support our Senior Diploma Celebration!

    Madison Families,
    We are planning to celebrate the graduating class of 2020 in a socially distanced event on June 10, but have had to make many changes in our plans to meet the health and safety requirements of our district. To try to give our seniors special recognition, we still want to announce their names, have decorations, and present students with mementos of their graduation year. But we need your help for these added and unexpected expenses. If you are able, please make a small donation to our Class of 2020 Graduation Celebration Fundraiser through Donors Choose. Thank you for your support!
  • MHS Community Statement: June 2, 2020

    Spanish:    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o81bhdSy-yg4Dil7Xrh5X6oP9Ltwhd53/view?usp=sharing

    Dear Madison Family,

    Madison is a Community that Respects each other and Education through Equity in order to honor and empower our Diverse population. This spring has been challenging due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 which has affected all of us. More recently we have witnessed the acts of violence and misuse of power that took the lives of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd. 

    At Madison, we are outraged by this systemic abuse towards members of the African American community. Whatever you are feeling right now -  overwhelmed, mourning, afraid, full of despair, and looking for hope and answers - it is a real response. We believe that you are valuable, important, and brilliant.  We stand in solidarity with African American students, families, and staff while remaining committed to diversity and respect.

    We are aware that this is more than a moment in time. We acknowledge that this is an ongoing process as we seek to dismantle systematic racism.

    We acknowledge that racism is ever present in America and the impacts continue to be deadly. Let’s consider how we can collectively work together to create cross-racial collaboration to ensure that the tragedies do not continue again and again. As we continue to process these events, Madison staff is here to provide support to process the impact of these repeated tragic events. Please feel free to reach out to Madison staff for support.

    Madison Admin Team

    MHS Community Survey

    MHS Student Survey

  • Mosaic: the Literary Arts Magazine

    It's here! Click to view Madison's 15th annual literary arts magazine, Mosaic, now in an electronic format (with hopes it will eventually be printed). 
    As usual, it is a mix of the political, the romantic, the fantastic, and a telling glimpse into the hearts and minds of our students. As this year's subtitle suggests, the submissions are also a glimpse into the pre-pandemic past. This year, there are 53 young writers and artists represented.  
    Mosaic magazine cover  
  • MHS Looking Forward:

    Hey, Senator students--take a look at this message from your teachers! We miss you--stay safe and healthy!
    (Special thanks to creator Nancy Sullivan!)
  • Counseling support:

    Madison families, this is just a reminder that our counselors are available to offer support for our students during the closure. 
    Virtual Counselor Support
    If you would like to check in with your Madison counselor, you can use this link to get support at any time:
    Ms. Guzman (A-F), Ms. Hale (G-H & AVID), Mr. Marquez (I-Pg), Mr. Rawls (Ph-Z)

    Virtual Student Support Groups

    Starting Thursday 5/7, there will be weekly groups (11AM English & 12PM Español) for students wanting to connect with support staff and peers. Students will be supported in:

    • ability to ask questions about COVID-19
    • learn strategies to cope with stress and change
    • discover additional resources
    • being a part of a supportive online community with some familiar Madison faces

    To join the group, students under age 18 must have parent/guardian permission either via parent/guardian signature on the consent form in English or Español or via parent/guardian email to one of the group facilitators listed below.

    Students 18 or older may contact facilitators to join the group.

    After permission is received, students will be added to the Google Classroom.

    Cuong Hoang, School Psychologist

    Paige Pepperwood, School Psychologist

    Malaina Guzman, School Counselor

    Brandon Rawls, School Counselor

    Susan Milholland, School Nurse

    Galen Cohen, School Based Mental Health Therapist

    Carmen Carreras, School-Based Mental Health Therapist

  • COVID Relief for Madison Families:

    If you are able, please support this fundraiser organized by Madison teacher Elicia Blackford. 100% of funds from this campaign will go to support Madison High School students and families with basic needs like fresh fruits and vegetables and other necessary food, and emergency financial needs. Priority will be given to immigrant and refugee families and families who cannot access government aid funding.
    We will get through this together!
  • Mindful Minutes

    During these stressful and uncertain times, practicing mindfulness can soothe anxiety and stress, and help promote well-being, compassion, and resilience. Take advantage of these videos provided by the PPS partner, Peace In Schools.  
  • Thank You, Madison Teachers!

    Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Madison cannot thank our teachers enough for all their efforts every day on behalf of our students, both now and before the closure!
    We are honored to share this video, with gratitude to our students, who are showing their teachers a little love during this tough spring! Special shout out to the video creators, Erin Challenor and Van Ho! 
  • Message from our Multnomah County School Based Health Center

     Madison is sharing a greeting from our Nurse Practitioner, Amanda Cort, with information about health services at the School Based Health Center. The Parkrose Clinic is open --call 503-988-3392 to make an appointment!
  • PPS Parent and Student Portal

    Madison students and families,
    To access Distance Learning lessons (starting after April 6), to find your username and password for Google classroom, enrichment activities, and support, or to submit your questions, please click this link to the PPS Student and Parent Portal.
    If you have issues logging in to StudentVue or ParentVue, or need a password reset, please fill out this Madison-only form, and one of our staff will reach out to you as soon as possible to help
    If you would like to check in with your Madison counselor, you can use this link to get support at any time:
    Ms. Guzman (A-F), Ms. Hale (G-H & AVID), Mr. Marquez (I-Pg), Mr. Rawls (Ph-Z)
  • Free Internet Access Resources

    PPS has created a list of companies that are providing FREE Internet service for students and families. Please click on this link to see the options:
  • PPS Language Access Team Member Phone Numbers

    Families call these numbers to connect with a PPS Language Access Team Member in the following languages:

    Phone number


    (503) 916-3582  


    (503) 916-3091

    Español | Spanish

    Español | Spanish

    (503) 916-3585

    中文 | Chinese

    (503) 916-3583  

    Русский | Russian

    (503) 916-3586  

    Soomaali | Somali

    (503) 916-3584  

    Tiếng Việt | Vietnamese

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