•  Learning Opportunity:

    A learning opportunity will be assigned when a student has demonstrated they need extra support in gaining a deeper understanding of the importance of school policies and appropriate behavior in a professional learning environment.

    When a student is assigned a learning opportunity from a member of the Student Disciplinary Team (Dean or Administrator) they will :

    1. Call the parent/guardian with details of the opportunity/support

    2. Student will be required to meet after school on Wednesday & Thursday from 3:25-3:55 to work on their assigned opportunity. Students involved in afterschool activities will not be excused from this requirement. If a student does not attend the Opportunity Center as assigned, a parent/guardian meeting will be called.

    The Opportunity Center is a designated time for the student to receive support and guidance regarding their specific activity. They will also use this time to prove completion of the opportunity.

    Learning opportunities are designed to help support the student in being successful. The Dean or Admin team will sit down with the student and evaluate the violation as well as the underlying reason for the violation and create a plan to help the student grow and learn.