Incoming 9th Grade (Current 8th Graders)

  • Welcome to Franklin High School! We look forward to meeting you soon. One step in getting ready for high school is to forecast for your classes. Forecasting is choosing the classes you will take next year, and takes place in the winter term (about 6 months before the next school year). We encourage families and students to look carefully at the resources provided and to take the forecasting process seriously. 


    Next year, you will have 8 classes. You will be automatically forecasted for some of your courses according to graduation requirements or course sequencing. You will also be part of a 9th grade community for your English, Physics, Math and 9th Grade Inquiry course, which will allow your teachers to provide collaborative support as you transition to high school. You will forecast for your electives, world language, and CTE/Art courses, as well as identify the math course you plan to take according to the math sequence. Please follow our step-by-step instructions below, and reference all resources, to ensure accurate forecasting.


    If students and families have any questions regarding course selection, course placement, or forecasting in general, please contact your Middle School Counselor. Your middle school counselor will be in frequent contact with our high school counselors throughout forecasting to discuss questions and to obtain guidance on course selection.


    Enrollment/Forecasting Letters to families




    Steps for Forecasting for Ninth Grade


    Step 1. Watch this Forecasting Presentation!

    • If you have any questions, ask your middle school counselor


    Step 2. Reference this Quick Guide for an overview of 9th grade options and course descriptions 

    • For more detailed descriptions and in-depth information about FHS, please check out our Course Guide on the FHS Forecasting General Information tab.


    Step 3. Fill out your Forecasting Google Form to select your courses by JANUARY 31st!

    • Note: Students must be logged into their PPS accounts in order to access this form. There is a limit of 1 form per person.