Rising 10th, 11th, & 12th Grade Students

  •  Steps and Timeline for Forecasting

    Students should follow the steps below, in order, for accurate forecasting.


    STEP 1. January 6th: Watch the Forecasting Overview in class and attend the Forecasting Fair

    STEP 2. January 10th - January 20th: Review your grade-level Forecasting Slideshow below and review your course options

    -Counselors will visit classes during this time to offer guidance and support on course selection

    -Remember to reference your course guide for descriptions, sequencing, and prerequisites

    Forecasting Slideshows:

    Current 9th Grade Slide deck (Rising 10th graders: Class of 2025)

    Current 10th Grade Slide deck (Rising 11th graders: Class of 2024)

    Current 11th Grade Slide deck (Rising 12th graders: Class of 2023)

     STEP 3. By January 20th: Watch the Instructional Video on how to enter courses into Student Vue 

    -please do this BEFORE entering courses in to Student Vue!

     STEP 4. By January 20th: Complete your paper forecasting forms AND enter your course selections into Student Vue.

    -IMPORTANT UPDATE: After January 20th, students will not be able to input their classes into StudentVue. Students are encouraged to enter their courses by this date, even while we are virtual. All students can turn in their paper forecasting forms following our return. 

    Forecasting Forms were distributed on January 6th. Students who have not received a form or need a new one, should stop by the Counseling Office during non-class time to pick up a new form.

    -Both the paper form and input into Student Vue are required. 

    -Students in grade 9 (currently) should turn in their Forecasting Form to their CCE/AVID teacher after your teacher facilitates forecasting during class. Students who do not complete it that day can turn it into the Counseling Office directly, by January 20th.

    -Students in grades 10-11 (currently) should turn in their Forecasting Forms directly to the Counseling Office AFTER counselors visit your classrooms (between January 10th - 20th).

    Below are visual representations of our Forecasting Forms. These are for reference only:

    Current 9th Grade Form 

     Current 9th Grade Form  


    Current 10th Grade Form


     Current 10th Grade Form  


    Current 11th Grade Form


     Current 11th Grade Form  


    Need more help with forecasting?

    Counselors will visit classrooms between January 10th & January 20th to offer guidance and answer general questions.

    Drop-in Support:

    • January 19th & 20th during Tutorial: Virtual help sessions with each counselor (links will be emailed by each counselor to their caseload)
    • Week of January 24th: in-person during Lunch & Tutorial. Before/after school availability varies by counselor. Students can check availability at the Counseling Office. 
    • February 9th & 10th during Tutorial: in-person, in the Counseling Office

    *Students are encouraged to complete their forecasting to the best of their ability, and then attend walk-in sessions for further assistance or to make any necessary changes.


     Tips for accurate forecasting:

    • Review ALL the presentations and materials provided
    • Make sure you complete the correct Forecasting Form. Pencil is recommended for easy editing.
    • Ask questions! Issues and uncertainties are always easier to address early on.
    • Follow all steps and instructions exactly as listed.
    • Familiarize yourself with your graduation requirements and know your own progress
    • Read the course details in the course guide. Pay attention to pre-requisites & course descriptions
    • Be sure to include alternates and choose them wisely. Remember, they may end up on your schedule!
    • Sign up for 8 classes (16 sections), even if you will have an Early Dismissal/Late Arrival (seniors only).