Library Readers And Thinkers (RATs) Book Club

  • Library RATs (Readers and Thinkers), McDaniel’s Library Club, is for people who like to read, think and hang out in the Library.  We come together to share thoughts and lively discussions.  Also, club members get special library privileges! The Library RATs help organize fundraisers and discuss ways to improve the library operations. Our club members meet in the Library on the last Tuesday of the month, during lunch. Join us as we choose and discuss great books to read each month. Yummy cookies are always provided for those who attend.

    For information about the Library RATs group, click this link: Library RATs

    To become a Library RATs club member, email Mrs. Sullivan at

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    Book Discussion Guidelines


     Read the best books first, or you may not have a chance to read them at all.
    - Henry David Thoreau