• Naviance

    Naviance is an online college and career planning resource for PPS high schools.

    Naviance assists in the search for careers, with the ability to:


    • document your personalized learning diploma requirements
    • conduct self-assessments
    • research career options


    Naviance assists in the search for colleges, with the ability to:


    • look up information about individual colleges
    • compare colleges
    • view scattergrams to see past students’ acceptance to individual colleges
    • manage college choices
    • view your school’s college visit schedule


    Keep records of activities, grades, college interests, and career interests

    To prepare college applications, including the ability to:


    • allow counselors to write recommendations
    • coordinate teacher recommendations
    • order transcripts and test scores


    To provide additional post-high school information, including:


    • financial aid options
    • scholarships
    • test preparation
    • college athletics
    • career options
    • miltary options


    Visit your local high school site.
    If you need to login, please visit or contact the counseling or career center at your school and someone can help you access the site.