Welcome to the Ida B. Wells HS Counseling Department

  • What We Do

    Counselors help students and their families create a plan to meet each student's individual goals for graduation, college and career, and then monitor students' progress over their high school career, providing the support and resources needed to achieve those goals. Counselors also provide valuable assistance to students and families dealing with issues such as mental health challenges, traumatic family events, or other psycho-social issues that may affect academic achievement.

    We love to see students in person and there are many ways to make this happen! Schedule an appointment with Mrs. Dailey or directly with your counselor via email, or drop in, especially during lunch, before or after school, or during a free period. If your counselor is busy with another student when you drop in, please leave a note or talk with Mrs. Dailey. You can also email your counselor regarding your question or even just leave a note on the door!

    How to Contact Us

    For parents and guardians, we ask that you schedule an appointment or send us an email or leave a phone message. If it is ever urgent that you speak with us concerning your student's safety, please contact Sharon Dailey and give her the message for us. 

    Who's My Counselor?

    Students are assigned to counselors by last name. Scroll down to find your counselor.

    Meet the Counseling Department Staff



    Sharon Dailey

    Counseling Department Secretary

    email: sdailey@pps.net
    phone: 503-916-5280 x75206
    Main office

    Sharon Dailey has been the Counseling Secretary at Ida B. Wells since 2008. She takes care of things all around the school, such as making grade changes and managing records for transfer students. Dailey grew up in Hawaii, where she went to Kailua High School on the island Oahu. She came to Portland in 1984 where she then went on to graduate from the University of Portland. In her free time, Dailey enjoys gardening, reading, hiking, and walking. She also likes spending time with her three kids and six grandchildren.

    Written by Delphina Seeger, Intro to Journalism, Spring 2023



    Sheila Kendall

    Sheila Kendall

    School Counselor

    email: skendall@pps.net
    phone: 503-916-5280 x75210

    Sheila Kendall is the counselor for students with last names A-C. She went to Pacific University in Forest Grove and got her master’s degree from Portland State University. She has worked at Ida B. Wells for seven years, and has been a counselor for 21 years. “My favorite part about working at Ida B. Wells is working with students and helping them have an excellent high school experience,” says Kendall. Outside of school, Kendall likes to take care of her two kids, read, go hiking, and walk her dog. Her favorite show is Ted Lasso


    Written by Marley Keeling, Intro to Communications, Spring 2023




    Malcolm Simonoff

    Malcolm Simonoff

    School Counselor

    email: msimonoff@pps.net 
    phone: 503-916-5280 x75207

    Malcolm Siminoff is a recent addition to Ida B. Wells counseling staff. He’s been working in education for 7 years, 2 of which have been at Ida B. Wells. Working at St. Mary’s School for Boys inspired him to become a counselor, so he went back to school at Lewis and Clark to get a masters in education. During this time he worked in the day and studied for classes by night. He’s gone through this hard work because of his ideals about counseling saying that “...I think it can be something that really transforms people’s lives and uplifts people,”. Malcolm was an avid snowboarder and skater in high school, but after breaking an ankle and tearing his ACL he stopped. and began to play basketball in college. Malcolm continues to play basketball today.

    Written by Tobias Ginsberg, Intro to Communications, Fall 2023 


    Julie Fleming

    Julie Fleming

    School Counselor

    email: jfleming1@pps.net
    phone: 503-916-5280 x75208

    Julie is a true Oregonian - She attended public schools in Beaverton and then headed down to Eugene to attend the University of Oregon where she earned a B.S. in Family and Human Services. She later attended Lewis & Clark College to earn her Masters of Education in School Counseling. She joined the IBW staff in 2007 and feels fortunate to work at an amazing school with a talented group of fellow counselors. Julie truly enjoys working with teens and their families. In her free time, Julie enjoys spending time with her husband (Austin) and two children (Kellen & Hayden). She also loves the DUCKS, bowling, camping, swimming, crafting, and going on adventures. 



    Danny Bradach

    School Counselor

    email: dbradach@pps.net
    phone: 503 916-5280 ext. 75213

    Born and raised in Portland, Danny Bradach attended Oregon State University and graduated in 2006 with a B.S. in Liberal Studies (Behavioral Science). After OSU, he attended Lewis & Clark College, where he earned his M. Ed. degree in School Counseling in 2008. He earned his M.S. in Athletic Administration from Western Kentucky University in 2010. Danny joined the IBW staff in 2015, but began his school counseling career in 2008-09 and has previously worked at Madison, Marshall, and Parkrose high schools. In his free time, Danny enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids, watching and coaching sports (including Unified Sports and football at IBW!), cooking, and cheering for the OSU Beavers.




    Lauryn Files

    School Counselor

    email: lfiles@pps.net
    phone: 503-916-5280 x75209

    Lauryn Files grew up near North Lake Tahoe in California and earned a BA in Psychology from San Francisco State University. She moved to Portland in 2005 and worked for Morrison Family Services before starting a Master’s in School Counseling at Lewis and Clark College in 2006. Lauryn joined the IBW staff in 2017 after previously working in the Hillsboro and Beaverton School Districts. In her spare time, Lauryn enjoys going on adventures with her husband and daughter. She also enjoys traveling, hiking, biking, baking and exploring Portland restaurants. 

Pre-Ninth Grade Credits

  • All pre-ninth grade credits will remain on the student transcript unless they are requested to be removed by the end of the first semester of freshman year.

    Why would students want a credit removed?  Students sometimes want B’s or C’s removed because these grades appear to be lowering the grade point average early on.  Some students want to strive for a straight-A average, and grades lower than an A from middle school would prevent that.

    Important: Removing a credit doesn’t change your placement in the next level but can impact your progression through graduation requirements.  Removing a middle school Algebra credit, for example, would mean that the three math classes that count toward graduation would start with Geometry in 9th grade.

    Please submit the request form to your counselor by mid-January if you wish to have a credit removed.