Dual-Credit available at Jefferson
  • Students at Jefferson typically begin taking dual-credit classes in their junior year, though there are some opportunities to begin earlier - this means they have the opportunity to earn high school credit for courses at Jefferson while also earning college credits from one of our partner colleges for the same course. In general, the course expectations are the same, though students must complete the exit criteria for the college course to earn college credit.


    What are the Dual Credit Courses at Jefferson?


    Jefferson Course Name

    College Course Name

    When This Class is Taken/When to Register

    Who Should Take It


    PCC Math 95:

    Intermediate Algebra

    Credits: 4.0

    Junior or Senior year, after Algebra 3/4

    When to Register: Nov 27, 2023 – Jan 12, 2024

    Students planning to take college-level math classes

    English 5/6

    PCC IRW 115

    Intro Reading & Composition

    Credits: 6.0

    Junior year

    When to register: Mar 11 – Apr 19, 2024

    All juniors

    Anatomy & Physiology 

    OregonTech Bio103:

    Introduction to Human Anatomy & Physiology

    Credits: 4.0

    Junior year

    Juniors in the Health/Science Biotechnology Program

    Senior Inquiry

    Including these 3 courses:

    English 7/8 



    PSU High School Senior Inquiry

    Credits: 15

    Senior Year

    All seniors

    Advanced Art: College

    PCC Art 115 Basic Design: 2D Foundations

    Credits: 4.0

    After Intermediate Art, Junior or senior year

    When to register: Mar 11 – Apr 19, 2024

    Juniors or seniors planning to take college-level art classes

    Intermediate Design

    MM 114: Visual Storytelling

    Credits: 3.0

    Sophomore, Junior, or Senior year

    Prerequisite: Design Foundations

    When to register: Mar 11 - Apr 19, 2024

    Students interested in creative career fields

    Ethnic Studies

    ES 101: Introduction to Ethnic Studies

    Credits: 4.0

    Sophomore, Junior, or Senior year 

    When to register: Mar 11 – Apr 19, 2024

    Any student with an interest

    Math in Society

    Math 105:  Math in Society

    Credits: 4.0

    Senior year

    When to register: Mar 11 – Apr 19, 2024