Accessing Middle College Courses

  • Enrolling and Registering for Middle College Classes

    Accessing Middle College

    JHS - MCAS students can earn credit for college courses they take at PCC and receive high school elective credit for those classes. All classes are free to students, paid for by Portland Public Schools while the student is enrolled at JHS-MCAS. Starting with the Class of 2015, Jefferson students will be required to take at least 12 community college credits in order to graduate with a Middle College Diploma from Jefferson High School – Middle College for Advanced Studies. Most students access college-level courses during their junior and senior years. Sophomores interested in beginning college classes prior to the junior year need to complete the ‘Sophomore Application’. Applications are reviewed October 15th and January 15th each year. Freshmen will have to complete their first year at Jefferson before being allowed to take classes at PCC.

    Plan ahead with a counselor!

    Students and Families are encouraged to connect with Kara Mortimer, VP and Middle College Director; Nicole Dalton, College Coordinator; or their counselor for more information.

    Steps for Registration in PCC Campus Courses

    Creating a College Course Plan


    Middle College Students can use the PCC Learning Center

    Jefferson Middle College Students who are enrolled in a course at PCC (and some Dual Credit courses on the Jefferson Campus) can use the Cascade Learning Center to get additional tutoring support.  All you need is a PCC student ID number. See Getting a PCC ID Number for more information.

     Please watch this video or talk to the Middle College Program Director for more information.